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Max Magnus Norman Max Magnus Norman is the Swedish artist who achieved The Philosophers' Stone.


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(Ramade och färdiga att hänga upp. Finns att se och hämta i Kärrtorp)

We'll be coming round the mountain

2015, Måleri på pannå
70 X 70 cm

5 500:-

Valpen fick mjölk

2007, Olja och akryl på pannå
90 X 90 cm

8 500:-

I've been slightly obsessed with the ensō circle lately. It's an ancient zen practice which describes enlightenment: You paint a circle in one stroke, in one breath. Half the circle inhale and the rest exhale, in one fluent wave. A perfect circle is only possible for a clear mind; in this aspect the practice is quite similar to archery. You can't hide your nature or issues; even the slightest chatter from the mind will cause a diversion, a dent in the roundness. In my routine I've added my footsteps: In life - first you identify with your image, you believe you are the footprints you make. Time and experience wear away these prints - the ego - and what remains is what you truly are, and somewhere there the circle becomes a circle. These are the first three I've completed: The blue series. Each painting is 145 centimetres wide.

Posted by Max Magnus Norman on Tuesday, December 18, 2018