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System requirements:

The Abashera revamped Game is coded from scratch and uses its own game engine. This makes the game independent from specific graphic cards and so fast that it runs smooth in any screen resolution.
Abashera revamped does not use or depend on DirectX.

Abashera revamped is very easy to install and handle. It works fine on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows 2000 etc. Minimum requirements are a PC with a 450 MHz processor and 128 MB memory or better.
You also need a 3D graphics card which is fully compatible with OpenGL (virtually all are).

Revolutionary graphics; look down and behold!
You have feet!
Use those to climb a tree for instance.

Free 3D game: The Abashera (v2) revamped IQ 3D Maze Game

I thought I'd grown too old for video games,
but with this game I get the same positive feelings as in the old days.

Sometimes I play it just to listen to the music,
it got lots of atmosphere and puts me in a pleasant mood.

With the Revamped version the Abashera game is up there flying with the big birds,
seriously impressive not only considering it's an one man project.

Abashera revamped is an addictive 3D first person IQ adventure maze game made by the visionary artist Max Magnus Norman.

There are no guns, no weapons, no tedious bosses. You must rely on your intelligence to survive. There's no linear plot, you choose from session to session which mazes you shall explore. The missions vary: Kill all beasts, kill no beasts, find the Holy Grail or find the Ark of the Covenant, pick a certain number of diamonds, mushrooms, flowers, strawgoats or eggs, etc. The mazes are populated with a number of more or less smart critters such as: Commie Dogs and Capitalist Dogs, The One Who Sees, Blocker Frogs, Monobites, the deadly The One Who Hears and many more. You will have to be a real Theseus, study the monster's behaviour in order to outsmart them and survive.
The in-game music is popcornish electro pop MP3 music. Four full length tracks are included, one with lyrics.

New stuff in the heavily updated revamped version:

  • Volcanos - Shooting out burning lava which cools down and turns into diamonds you can collect.
  • The Skyewyrm - A rather peaceful dragon / serpent roaming the sky, catch it for a ride!
  • Movable objects - Push around blocks and roll giant stone balls, either to stack and climb or to flatten some unfortunate beastie!
  • New missions - More adventure orientated, find the Holy Grail, find the Ark of the Covenant!
  • More music - ...and new sounds!
  • New gew-gaws - Fractal ground and vegetation, 3D textures, moving clouds and much more!
  • Fancier beasties - Strange birds high in the sky, Rosies got tails!

I've decided to give away the complete version of Abashera revamped for free. That's more than 50 mazes (for a complete level list see the FAQ) and the Maze Editor with which you without restrictions may easily design your own mazes for the world to explore.

The Abashera revamped game is of course completely free from virus, spyware, adware and similar nasties.


Awards for Abashera:
4 Gold Disk Awarded at
5 stars award at

5 stars award at
99% at Caiman Free Games -
5 stars award at
5 stars rating at
5 stars award at
Five Dove Award
5 stars rating at
5 star - 'Outstanding' at

Abashera Shirt
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Abashera revamped screenshots:
(click to enlarge)

Get lost in intricate mazes.

Night, fog, purple skies, blue skies, yellow skies, red sunsets.

Gigantic strawgoats to climb and smaller ones to pick up, water to dive into.

Commie dogs and Capitalist dogs don't like each other.

You will come across several high quality scans of Max Magnus Norman's fantastic paintings in the game.

You won't find any weapons to spread mayhem with in this game but you can always fool beasts to their doom.

You can easily create your own 3D labyrinths and landscapes in minutes with the Maze Editor, included with the game.