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This is a perspective warped wall painting I finished today in a 15 metres long passage in the 15/20 building at Kronobergsgatan in Stockholm. When you approach the sun a infrared heater is turned on and you will thus not only be embraced by the sun visually but also in a tactile manner.

Detta är en perspektivförvrängd väggmålning jag färdigställde idag i en 14 meter lång passage i 15/20 huset på Kronobergsgatan i Stockholm. När du närmar dig solen kommer en infravärmare att slås på varpå du omfamnas inte bara visuellt utan också taktilt av solen.

View from the street. Vy från gatan.

View from inside. Vy inifrån.

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The painting You... smell lovely! (70 X 100 cm).
Målningen Du... luktar underbart! (70 X 100 cm).

Try to figure out which tail belongs to which animal.

Försök räkna ut vilken svans som hör till vilket djur.

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The painting Burn out of your grave (70 X 70 cm).
Målningen Brinn ut ur din grav (70 X 70 cm).

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The painting I grab you. Donald Trump as Uncle Sam.

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The painting Face your fears naked (70 X 100 cm).
Målningen Möt dina rädslor naken (70 X 100 cm).

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I had the honour of being this week's guest on the Natural Born Alchemist podcast. I'm interviewed in English about the Magnum Opus, which is by the way recently updated. Click here to listen to the show.

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Me working on the painting The Insight.

The painting The Insight (100 X 70 cm).
Målningen Insikten (100 X 70 cm).

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The painting The Astronomy Lesson (38 X 47 cm).
Målningen Astronomilektionen (38 X 47 cm).
The painting Juggling with closed eyes (78 X 106 cm).
Målningen Jonglerar med stängda ögon (78 X 106 cm).
The painting The Horse Driver (100 X 70 cm).
Målningen Hästfösaren (100 X 70 cm).
The painting The Owl (70 X 100 cm).
Målningen Ugglan (70 X 100 cm).

Owls in different forms and shapes were a reoccuring event during the last months I lived in Prague. I had this extraordinary nature experience one evening when I was doing my workout in an outdoor gym I used to run to in Divoká Šárka. It was starting to become dark and there were as usual some bats flying overhead. Suddenly I saw in the corner of my eye this huge grey shape fly without a sound into the forest a few metres away. I thought it was some nocturnal bird of pray just passing by and didn't give it much thought at the moment. A few minutes later though, something which I at first believed was the biggest bat I had ever seen passed by right in front of me, but the moment after I realised it was an owl. When I was finished with my training I started running back home. Nothing particular happened for a few hundred meters, but when I reached the end of a large field I saw something at my side; it was the owl that had followed me. I stopped and the owl started to circle around me at a distance of about two meters. I raised my hands and the owl tried to follow the movements of my arms. It circled me six or so laps and then it flew up into a tree and sat there looking at me. I said "ho, hoo, hoo". The owl said nothing. I continued running towards the forest, and then the owl started circling me again and I stopped and held out my arms to see if it would land on them, but it didn't. Then something even weirder happened; a tiny bat, no larger than a mice, came flying and started following the much larger owl, closer than half a metre behind it. The owl stopped circling me and flew away into the forest, with the bat close behind. And that was it.

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