Well, I'm sitting here drinking beer (10why carry home water?) with a straw

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Monday, 23 February 2004 01:15:47 So, what am I doing this evening - night - I suppose you wonder since you've clicked your way in here. Well, I'm sitting here drinking beer (10%, why carry home water?) with a straw. Besides that I've just finished a painting of a horseman looking out over a field of strawberrys, a picture which came to me last summer. I think I'll call it "This land is my land", (I considered "Min pålle är av plast" but, no). I included a small trick which will make the painting smell faintly of strawberries from time to time.
I wrote the program (perl) for this blog maybe half a year ago, but as you might notice this is the first inscription, thank that beer for that.

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