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I visited the Stockholm Art Fair the other weekend. In order to fix some money for the trip I painted a play house for the nursery school my sister works at (she lives in Stockholm). A carpenter had made the play house a few months ago but due to some reason nobody had painted it yet. It was supposed to look like an old grey log cabin, and with some silver paint and trompe l'oil techniques it became pretty good.
Enough of that. The main reason I visited the fair was not that I exhibited there myself (which I didn't) but to say hello to my friend Anders Wollin who had some of his paintings on display there. He didn't sell as well as he is used to, but my experience of art fairs is that one rarely does any business during the fair but people will contact you afterwards. But possible future gain is little comfort when the wallet is empty in the present.

This is a slideshow with pictures I took, change picture with the arrow buttons.
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Posted by: Cristian 2007-02-23

Hi there, Great site! Am hoping you can help me out - do you know whether the stockholm art fair still runs? i can't seem to find any reference to it on the Exhibition Centre website. If it does exist, do you know if they fair has a homepage? Thanks very much for your help! Cheers, Cristian


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-02-23

Yes, it's still an annual event, and there are also a few other to chose from these days, but this one is the original: Note that you need a gallery to represent you in order to participate.


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