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It's possible to make a decent latte (which is not short for cafe au lait, latte is Italian for milk, which means that if you order a latte in Italy you will most likely get a glass of milk) at home with a rather ordinary coffee maker. Although, I have found that you get what you pay for when it comes to coffee makers. I have had to call PartSelect a dozen times just to replace a thermostat (sometimes I question whether I should just buy a new coffee maker). Either way, a great latte is quite simple to make and is the perfect pick-me-up.

This is what you need:

  • Strong coffee
  • Milk
  • A large cup
  • An electric milk whisker
  • A coffee maker which heats the water to more than 90°C (194°F)
  • Sugar
  • If you're a beginner: A large living fly
Brew strong coffee1

Brew enough coffee to fill half your large cup. Use two tablespoons of coffee / person.

Coffee and milk2

Pour half a cup of milk and heat it in your microwave oven. Don't let the milk boil - that will make it taste slightly like gruel. If you like that, then boil the milk - but keep that to yourself.

Sugar and coffee3

Add a few teaspoons of sugar to the milk before you whip it.

Making a latte4

Whip the milk until a fly can walk over it without wetting its feet.

Pour coffee5

Add the coffee without ruining the foam.

Stir the coffee6

Stir your latte under the foam with milk whisker and end it by making a nice pattern in the foam.

It's done, now drink it.

Some might argue that this is a café au lait and not a cafe latte, and sure, the recipe tells you to mix 50/50 coffee and milk, as when one makes a café au lait, and not 1/3 espresso and 2/3 milk, as when making a cafe latte by the textbook. But neither you nor your friends, and most baristas will notice any difference so why bother.

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Posted by: Christina 2006-07-10

yay! i tried this and it works!


Posted by: Jeroo 2006-09-12

I Like mine stirred anti-clockwise


Posted by: marlina 2006-10-14

I made this for my mother and she said that It taste as good or better than Starbuck and alot cheaper Thank you very much


Posted by: marlina 2006-10-14

my mother love the latte that i fixed thank you


Posted by: Joyce Nower 2007-01-07

Hi - I have a glass cylinder called a Froth Master for heating the milk in in the microwave, and it has a lid with a pump mechanism to whip up the milk until it's quite "hard." I used French Market coffee, so it didn't taste quite like the Starbuck's latte, but that's just a matter of changing brands. The up shot is, I think I may have found a way to avoid shelling out $3 plus every time I want a latte. Oh, I used non-fat milk, and it was excellent. Thanks for demystifying the process. Joyce


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-07

That Froth Master seems to be a clever gadget.


Posted by: jane 2007-01-21

most barristas who drink coffee will know the difference.


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-21

I seriously doubt that. Especially if the quality off the stuff you use and the brewing temperature are optimal then it's a very, very slim chance anyone will notice any conclusive difference.


Posted by: Indrid 2007-04-19

My wire wisk doesn't produce the same results as an electric one. And there's considerably more effort involed. But it's a bug step up from the ghetto lattes I've been making. Thanks


Posted by: GWEN 2007-07-17



Posted by: Heinrich 2007-10-14

Hi friend,
Thanks 4 ur kind advise, no neec to go to coffe bean anymore.



Posted by: martin 2008-01-18

Jattegott! tack fran Skottland!


Posted by: iris 2008-01-27

buon giorno. you made my day. i just returned from rome and have a craving for the cafe lattes that i experienced there. got up this morning and asked jeeves how to do it, got sent to your really cute site. grazie mille.


Posted by: creeperette 2008-06-23

THANKS!! this is better than Starbucks!


Posted by: george 2009-04-25

This coffee is great! It's so italian! My wife loves it.


Posted by: Gwen B 2009-06-02

I just did this at home, only I used my electric mixer with one beater, the whole milk foamed up beautifully, and I had JUST made a pot of reg coffee, I think I'd personally add some choc syrup or Hershey's cocoa for a richer latte, of course, again, my coffee was Folgers bkfst blend brewed as a normal pot. All in all, very good! thank you!


Posted by: someone 2009-06-10

the fly part sounds a little sick if u ask me


Posted by: cynder 2010-01-22

hi , pls can you gimme the recipe , and how to make the cofffee??


Posted by: Louise 2010-08-17

I've been newly introduced to the wonders of coffee when I first took my love out for some nice coffee. And ever since my first latte - I've been wanting to make one myself at home. Thanks for your guide! (borde ha köpt den über lilla electric mixern jag såg på IKEA - bara visste inte vad den var till!)


Posted by: M 2010-10-24

wow, this was much better than any latte I have tried at Starbucks!


Posted by: Priyaranjan Ghosh 2010-12-28

very halpfull for me.


Posted by: Courtney 2011-08-20

hello i followed this recipe perfectly and my caffe latte tasted better than when i go to a restaurant and order one thank you very much u have saved me alot of money :)


Posted by: Sinelia 2011-10-15

We have a cafe in our kitchen now!
This is the silver lining to this cold, blustery day :)


Posted by: Nancy 2011-11-21

I need help. Everything works great, except the milk doesn't stay frothy/foamy very long? I have a non-steam frother, looks like the one in your pic. Am I doing something wrong, any advice? Do I have 2 buy a steam frother?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2011-11-21

Put the milk in a clean but preferable dented PET-bottle, put the cork on tight and shake the bottle hard until the milk is frothed - voila!


Posted by: Kim 2011-11-26

thank you!! awesome simple instructions!!!! and funny too ;)


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