Autumn deeds: Bling-bling golden picture frames, A pretty big spider, an autumn leaf

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Artist with axe
Now that I got some time and gold to spend I went out to my toolshop in order to upgrade - pimp up - the frames of some of my paintings. First I remove the old frames with an axe...
Bling-bling golden picture frames
...then I do a lot of things, and in the end this is the result: Shiny-shiny bling-bling frames of gold.
Autumn leaf
We're in the middle of the autumn, it seems that I couldn't escape winter this year either.
Pretty big spider
This is about as big spiders get here in Sweden.
The Girl Behind wants to be mentioned (she found the field at the top of this page). She runs a quite readable blog with personal reflections blended with mixed pic(k)s of interest from the internet.

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Posted by: regaynne 2010-10-09

bling ta master pa haci pic


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