At least five flocks of cranes passed above me

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Tuesday, 13 April 2004 22:54:45 Nothing much has happened since last, worked at Indiska (a Swedish chain of stores selling stuff from India) photographing children again at Saturday. I'm contracted for three Saturdays so it's one left now. I've ran a few more laps at Södra Berget, but remaining snow and a minor irritation in my lungs after the winter makes it less fun, and hard to run those 7 kilometres under 25 minutes as usual.
Today I went out to the tool shop again to finish the rounded box frames I started making last week. At least five flocks of cranes passed above me when I worked in the garden, and the ravens chase the crows all over the place. Ljungan, the river nearby my tool shop is the only river around here which has its outflow northwards, therefore all migrating birds passing become temporary lost, circling the area a few turns before moving on.

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Inside my tool shop; It's here I make my sculptures, machines and frames. It's cramped, cold and dusty but it's what I got for the moment.

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