Ground Lights - A walk in Sundsvall's harbour

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Markljus i Sundsvall We've been up to nothing particular lately, I've been programming on a perl script based AI which will when it's ready handle paintings not only on this site but also on a few of my artist friend's sites.
Why in hell do you need an AI for showing a few thumbnails? You might wonder. Well, you wouldn't ask if you knew these friends of mine - my friends really need something to take care of the thinking for them when it comes to dealing with the Internet, otherwise I would have to live with the phone taped to my ear.
Hardest thing with AI-programming perl is to stuff this little cache-demon I caught the other day into the script, but I'll soon have it figured out, and then I'll - it - will show you my new paintings.

We were strolling around in Sundsvall's harbour an hour or so ago, where I took this pic of some ground lights.

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Posted by: aer suzuki 2006-10-21

nice shot. a good choice for the thursday challenge, which is how i got here inicidentally...


Posted by: hpy 2006-10-24

Maste man vara vardig for att yttra sig?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-10-24

Ja, det är väl dumt att dra på sig en massa ovärdiga kommentarer :)


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