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At the British Natural History Museum

2005-12-13 (written 2005-12-19)
Me and M went on a trip to London last week. On the way there we stopped by in Stockholm and delivered a few paintings to this place on Hornsgatan 47, a shop called Moasin. If in Stockholm you can find my paintings and a few sculptures there from now on.

The flight went from Västerås Airport, as you might remember from this previous post I managed to get this rather nice picture of the Hemel Hempstead Fire on the way down to Luton. Not bad to have The Picture taken even before landing.

Our hotel in London was below criticism, the hotel we should have stayed in went bankrupt before our departure and we were "handed over" to this one instead. The towels were stained, the room was barely large enough for one of us to stand up at the time, a shelf insisted on falling down each time the door was closed, the elevator was so small that it was more comfortable to take the stairs (which had several loose steps) up to the third floor. There was a large stain at the side of the bed that wouldn't have looked any different if someone had been shot in the head against it.
Lurking in the toilet
And we found this thing, lurking at the bottom of the toilet.
Later, at the British Natural History Museum, we identified the specimen as an aurichalcite.
In this slideshow below are some more stuff we found at the British Museum of Natural History:

...If you won't check it out then these are some of the things you will miss (pity, pity):
T-Rex Dodo Musk Deer

So, you liked this slideshow? Here are a few more:

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