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Saturday, 1 May 2004 21:23:09
I'm struggling to finish Abashera revamped, got a few more levels to make. I hope I will be able to release it within a few weeks, lots of people are waiting, I know.
Met an art dealer the other day, he was very interested in my work and will visit my tool shop this Monday. It's nice and unusual to meet some art interested people around here who aren't soaked in leftism. Leftist art people blab mostly about politics and money instead of art - as if I'm not bored enough already, as if they haven't already won.
I have this dream of one day leaving this place, at least during the winters (which I hate above all; coldness, dampness, not being able to run, dense clothes, colds, the yearly skin fungus infection, stiff joints, rusty cars, winter tires, darkness etc. etc.), rent, or maybe (in my dreams) buy an ateliér near some Mediterranean or similar tourist trap where there's a flow of people, where there's life. Where I can make my art and be close to an everchanging market. If I stay here nothing will ever change; if I picture myself here in ten years time from now I see nothing else but a more indifferent version of myself.
Got an offer to work as a photographer, I'm ambivalent to it, probably good and regular pay but it would lock me to this place for at least another year - on the other hand, without money I would still be stuck here, but caught in a much harder economical situation. I would survive, I've lived on nothing before, but I'm very tired of just surviving.

...har haft förhållandevis dåligt med besökare senaste tiden, men så upptäckte någon på mina stridsvagnar och allt blev som vanligt igen.

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