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2006-01-13 svenska

How To Cure Sensitive Teeth

During the autumn a dull headache snuck upon me, first I thought that the coldness and darkness caused it, but those were only responsible for the listlessness and down-heartedness, the source of the headache was something else.
I figured out what it was when I went on a journey and left my electric toothbrush at home. After a couple of days the headache was gone, but when I got home and started to use the electric toothbrush again it soon reappeared.
Now I only use the (in regards to dental hygiene, superior) electric toothbrush a few times each week and the headache stays away.
It's no funny thought, but I wonder if one could sustain brain damage if exposed to the vibrations of electric toothbrushes too often.

The reason why I started to use an electric toothbrush was that hard toothbrushes disappeared from the market a few years ago, and hard toothbrushes were the only means I knew of which effectively kept tartar off my teeth. For a while I even used a kind of toothbrushes meant to clean prosthetics (brushes which were hard enough to clean the ownen with) before I discovered that electric toothbrushes were just as good, or even better, at cleaning the teeth.

The reason that hard toothbrushes are removed from most markets was that some people damaged their gum with them, causing gingival recession, which in turn caused hypersensitivity and in worst cases loss of teeth. That brushing alone should count for loss of enamel or cementum though, is a myth.
I've never experienced such problems, nor cavities and similar either, despite that I used hard toothbrushes for more than 15 years, and the reason for that is how I brush my teeth.

If you wish to be spared from hypersensitivity in your teeth then the angle you hold your toothbrush is the most important thing to keep in mind; you should brush your teeth "with the fur" and never hold the brush so that the bristles can tear into the gum. You shouldn't either brush your teeth more than twice a day, do instead complement with fluoride rinse and xylitol chewing gum.

That's it, no cavities and no more hypersensitivity - it's (usually) as easy as that.

Sensitive teeth
Brush in this manner and sensitive teeth comes with a guarantee.
The gum gets weared and the dentin (dentin is a mineralized connective tissue which makes up most of the tooth's root) becomes exposed, and the nerves within reacts so that you feel a shooting pain, especially when you consume cold and acidic stuff.
Cure sensitive teeth: Brush your teeth the right way.
If you brush this way you will probably not experience sensitive teeth. You should of course also brush the chewing area of each tooth.
After a while you can chew popsicles just as when you were a kid (and all the grown-ups got the shivers when seeing you doing it).

Sensitive teeth gel or sensitivity protection toothpaste is as you can see no cure, but can help during the time the gum is healing. Pain-relieving toothpaste could actually worsen the situation if you continue to brush your teeth in a wrongful manner, since you won't notice the damage done as much as you should have done without the pain-killer.

  • Why is this illustrated with a blue monster? Try to forget it and you'll understand.
  • Are you a dental hygiene-fetishist? No, (dear relatives whom all got electric toothbrushes last Christmas) I'm not a dental hygiene-fetishist.
  • How do find the energy to write stuff like this? Lots of sugar and caffeine, it took at least 2 litres of Coca-Cola to complete this article.

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Posted by: Joanne The Fan 2006-01-18

Love how you manage to turn a personal experience into an encyclopedic article, quite unique. Keep it up!


Posted by: the tooth fairy 2007-01-27

well..mistakes happen..even when you don't know you're making them. Sensitive teeth are like that...they happen w/out you even trying...BRUSH THEM! sensitive teeth are the cutest teeth in the world...just ask them they'll tell you...yes i mean your teeth..talk to them..let them know they're loved..and their confidence will build so that they won't be so sensitive! -the tooth fairy


Posted by: Andrea AVila 2009-08-31

I would really love if this really worked!!! Can't wait to try it.... Thanx for the tip.


Posted by: Bek 2009-11-26

Getting up at 3:30 in the morning because of sensitive teeth and this is the only site that has made me smile. Thanks!!! Off to brush my teeth and back to bed.


Posted by: chandrabhan kharwar 2010-07-16

my tooth is alwese pen ful


Posted by: Marie Yu 2012-06-04

Thanks!I really like the information that you've shared


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