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The cat's frost-bitten ear, a three-episode story. The ear seem to have healed pretty well, it's still somewhat dented, and as you can see a sharp horizontal scar remains.
The cat didn't seem to bother about the tape when I only taped the inside of the ear.

Kattens förfrusna öra, en följetong i tre delar. Örat verkar ha läkt ganska bra, det är fortfarande lite buckligt, och som du kan se blev det kvar ett tydligt horisontalt ärr.
Katten brydde sig inte om tejpen när jag bara tejpade örats insida.

Supercooled rain - Underkylt regn

"Outside" my window right now.
It's been raining supercooled rain all night and everything's glazed with a thick hard armour of ice.
I won't show any pictures of my car since that would only make sports car lovers cry.

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"Utanför" mitt fönster just nu.
Det har regnat underkylt hela natten och allt är glaserat med ett tjockt hårt is-pansar.

Tidigare utanför mitt fönster-inlägg:

It's incredible how people lie just to hold on.
There's this unwritten rule which says that you have to like the situation if living in this part of Hell, that you are a failure, a bad person if you claim anything else.

Take the man standing in front of me in the liquor store queue for instance: "It's nice that we finally got a decent winter", he said while loading the conveyor belt with two cartons (those with 24 cans in each) of Sofiero (Sweden's version of Budweiser, IOW mineral water with a tad hop added), three bottles of Explorer, a few bottles of cider (for the Mrs I presume) and one bottle... Yeah, you get the picture.

The sub-surface tension is almost parodic and general panic/horror lies close at hand when one do not keep the spirit up as supposed to.

As the other day, when I said (somewhat exaggerated, I admit) to a assembly of acquaintances, regarding chronic fungus infections, slippery jogging tracks, never-ending colds and all the rest of winter's dark delights, that "I rather live just ten more winter-free years than thirty as things are now". What they thought they heard, in their winter-delirious state of mind, and made quite a scene of, was that I had plans to commit suicide or something (which I absolutely have not, even if I do think that there's definitely something seriously wrong with people who never have those moments when they feel they would be better off dead).
Not that funny atmosphere during the rest of the visit.

Fan vad folk ljuger för att stå ut med tillvaron. Det finns en oskriven regel att man ska gilla läget om man bor här i Helvetet. Att man är en dålig, dålig människa om man tycker annorlunda.

Ta mannen framför i systembolags-kön t.ex: "Det är skönt att vi äntligen fått en riktig vinter" sade han medan han lastade på två flak Sofiero (typ Loka Humle), tre flaskor Explorer, några flaskor cider (åt frugan antar jag) och en flaska... Ja, du har bilden.

Spänningen under ytan är närmast parodisk och det blir lätt panik om man yttrar sig på annat sätt än att man upprätthåller skenet att allt bara är OK.

Som häromdagen när jag sade (visst, något tillspetsat) till några bekanta, apropå kroniska svampinfektioner, halkiga joggingturer, oändliga förkylningar och alla andra vinterns mörka fröjder, att jag "heller lever bara tio år till utan vintrar än trettio så här". Vad de bekanta hörde i deras vinter-deliriska tillstånd, och gjorde en rejäl scen av, var något i stil med att jag tänkte ta livet av mig (vilket jag absolut inte har några planer på, även om jag tycker att folk som inte har stunder då de tycker att det vore lika bra att bara dö inte kan vara riktiga i huvudet), med följden att stämningen under resten av visiten blev tämligen tryckt.

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Posted by: lola/lisa 2006-02-25

so cool you're out there and saying it as it is! many probably feel the same! i'm an artist, too, and the "educated" kind but so hard to accept the way it is, the way the art world works. think i've done quite a lot of "acting out" from frustration yet that's self-destructive. like most people give in to clichés, denials, the easy path...most play into the system (and so it grows and feeds...) women in the arts, for example-trapped in a way to either seem like extreme feminist lesbians or do the nasty with their teacher/professor, potential gallerist or sponsor?! what do you think about that?Sucks! What to do...what to do. Or are we just whiners? all i'll say for now. curious to your response. ...


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-02-28

I think people whine both too much and too little. Too many (artists) are satisfied if they can fill their bellies each day, and perhaps at least some of them ought to whine more. Some find too much comfort in hard work and use it as a drug. Then there's people like Madonna and such who has everything and can do whatever they like - I would have bought her new album since I like the electro-pop thing, but all whining in the texts put a stopper to that. And then there's these comfortably seated people that whine about whining people. Those are the worst. Or perhaps those who've made whining a way of life is even worse. I don't know, I'm not that good at making top-lists. I think one should not be afraid of whining when there's really a good reason for it.


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