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Pile of Snow - SnöhögThis pile of snow wasn't there yesterday. The weather is chaotic according to the news, masses of snow and hundreds of traffic accidents. Yes, hundreds, in one of them nearly thirty cars were involved.

I don't know how many tons of snow I've shoveled today, by hand (oh look, the neighbour got a little tractor, what a cheat), but as I said, that pile (or rather hill) wasn't there yesterday, and yes, it's me standing there at the top.
M stood at ground level when she took the photo.

"Crouch down when you take the picture, that will make the pile look even bigger" I said, but she didn't.

Hard physical work must be the best drug there is. When you work hard you don't find much time being depressed, and like most drugs it helps you go on in a blessed (or drunken) state of unawareness of the reality in which you live.

So, that was that mystery, how the machinery is run; make sure they've got food on their tables and hard work to keep them away from the facts of life and there will be no trouble.

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Posted by: Anders 2006-01-22

Absolut härligt med detta ständiga myrarbete som för bort tanken från den vanliga världens förtret, mycket riktigt! Frågan är, vad ska man göra åt det? Ps Rutan på sidan högst upp är inte fullständig i texten Ds


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