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Möss i Toffla - Mice in Slipper
This is not a completely unusual sight when I reach for my slippers in the morning.
Vera - the cat - has decided that when she does not play with them, her toy mice live in my slipper.
Her favourite play is retrieving.
You do not believe that our cat is a retriever?
You do not believe that she puts the mice in my slipper?
Well, perhaps this video will convince you.

She likes showering and tomatoes also, by the way.

Det här är inte en helt ovanlig syn när jag ska ha mina tofflor på morgonen.
Vera - katten - har bestämt att när hon inte leker med dem, så bor hennes leksaksmöss i mina tofflor.
Hennes favoritlek är apportering.
Så du tror inte att vår katt apporterar?
Och du tror inte heller att hon lägger möss i mina tofflor?
Kanske den här filmen övertygar dig då.

Hon gillar tomater och att duscha också, för övrigt.

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Posted by: Ellen 2006-03-07

haha ! kul video xD söt katt .


Posted by: Alex 2006-12-26

Nice music, never heard it before, what is it?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-12-26

It's a little tune I made for the game Abashera.


Posted by: Tiffany Baker 2007-02-16

My kitten is a Manx and he has been fetching since he was about 10 months old! I don't think many people believe me either, but it is a trait common to his breed. It is lovely to see that your cat fetches too!


Posted by: Dave 2007-03-29

My cat, Maybelle, is also a retriever. When she wants to play, she'll drop a bottle cap on my foot and stare at me. I'll throw the bottle cap, and she'll retrieve it. This can go on for a long time! She used to only retrieve bottle caps, but now also retrieves allen wrenches. Nothing else...go figure. It's good to see that she is not alone!


Posted by: sarah malton 2009-01-06

Ok so my cat he is a male his name 'gato' as in english is says cat so he is black and white but he sees to be interacted to an umbrella because every time i put an umbrella on the floor he stars humping it i wonder why well he hadnt had a female cat since he was little and i will like to know how id cat sex? thanks


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