Look, my previous blog post made me end up on TV. Also some nice winter photos

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Smickrande bilder
Smickrande bild 1: Jag
Smickrande bilder
Smickrande bild 2: Länskonstnär Mats de Wahl
Föregående blogginlägg ledde till att en reporter från Mittnytt ringde och ville göra ett inslag om detta. Coolt, ibland är det någon som läser det man skriver. Man kan påverka.

The previous post actually caused me to end up on TV tonight. It's all about me and some other artists fighting corruption and nepotism in the Swedish art sphere. That's me on the left and one of the accused on the right.
Instead of boring you with that, let me show you a couple of nice pictures I took when I and M went out to the sea yesterday. Winter is rather endurable when it turns this side on us, but to put it into perspective; this is the first and only day so far in months we've had weather (or rather absence of weather) like this.
Minnesmärket i Löran / Lörudden
The Shadow of the Monolith This is a monument over two fishermen who were lost at sea in the thirties.
Labyrinten i Löran / Lörudden
Labyrinth The ancient stone labyrinth of Löran, actually more apparent now covered in snow than during summer. This maze is not quite designed like a trojeborg but close, probably a magic device made to tame the wind.
Notice the animal tracks; that little critter has managed to run cross all the maze's "vortex-points".

corruption tv maze labyrinth winter photo ancient
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Posted by: Cat 2006-03-03

Nice site...tried to read as much as I could in English :) I married a Swede but it was his grandfather that came over so he doesn't know much about his heritage. I enjoyed especially the photos of the snow. I love snow and the labrynth is nicely shown - love the tracks! Thank you for sharing.


Posted by: Don Lindberg 2006-11-15

The monolith to the two fishermen touchs my heart. Thanks for posting it to the World. Mange Tak.


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