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Strawberry picture: The World's Largest Strawberry
Jordgubbarna är ovanligt stora för årstiden.
I dag var vi och handlade på Willys. Där köpte vi världens största jordgubbe. Den väger över 200g och är något bredare än kattens huvud.




Katten Vera smakar på Världens Största Jordgubbe, men hon föredrar tomater.

Vera the cat tastes the Worlds Largest Strawberry, but she prefers tomatoes.

Today we went shopping for groceries at Willys, where we bought the world's largest strawberry. It weighs more than 200g and is somewhat broader than our cat's head.Vera the Cat Tastes the World's Largest Strawberry

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Posted by: jorge 2006-04-13

i speak english what z hell does this say


Posted by: t 2006-04-13

it says it in English, too, you loser!


Posted by: Fucking tits 2006-04-13

This is fucking gay. I want to eat that cat


Posted by: Weirdalec 2006-04-13



Posted by: cindy moudy 2006-04-13

Do you think you would need a whole bowl of cool whip for that strawberry?


Posted by: Daniel 2006-04-13

Wow! Other than "cindy moudy", what a bunch of fucking retarded comments. And people wonder why today's youth are so stupid :P Because over and over again, they prove it themselves! Rather than actually commenting on the photo, you've only posted moronic replies about sex, personal defamation & using vulgarity ... and can't even use proper grammar/punctuation/capitalization while you're at it. How unbelievably childish (well, actually, it's QUITE believable.) You people are sad, truly pathetic losers!


Posted by: hi 2006-04-13

ok i dont think a 40 yr old should be commenting, second of all w3 (4n wr173 h0w3v3r w3 w4n7 70 ¥0µ 40 ¥r 0£Ð Ð0µ(h3 now to comment on the strawberry... I WANT IT AHH PUT IT ON EBAY!!!! ahhhhhhh lol XD


Posted by: Nils 2006-04-13

ebaums länkar till en svensk sida :O


Posted by: your mom goes to college 2006-04-13

hey Daniel! Fuck off! no one cares about that stuff when you post. come on. do you really have enough time to spare to comment on other people's fun? wow. i love strawberries.


Posted by: Angus Von Schtutgartenstein 2006-04-14

Did anyone notice how the strawberry is 12 inches wide next to the ruler and then magically about 5 inches wide in her hand? Unless they are using a metric ruler since this seems to be a Krauten unten himel von sitenski. Then it all makes sense.


Posted by: mememe 2006-04-14

the size issue does make you wonder(does this mean holding my ruler to my pecker on an angle makes it seem bigger?) anyway how about the cat rubbing its gums on it, did someone other than the cat eat it??


Posted by: assgayfuck 2006-04-14

Fuck ass shit, why is this not in english?


Posted by: Mark 2006-04-14

A page you can comment about a big ass strawberry? I'm there!


Posted by: Judge 2006-04-14

About the size, The ruler at the the back of the first pic measures centimeters, and then theres also the perspective to think about (the ruler is behind the strawberry enough to put the ruler out of focus) making the strawberry appear bigger. And if I had a Strawberry that sive i sure as fuck wouldnt be feeding it to the cat... :p


Posted by: Phil McKracken 2006-04-14

Guns don't kill people...Chuck Norris kills people


Posted by: mike 2006-04-14



Posted by: Bob Sacamano 2006-04-14

ok....feel free to say no to this......but how would you like to shave my coin purse?


Posted by: chris 2006-04-14

y the fuck would any one care bout a strawberry?


Posted by: scott 2006-04-14

i want to fuck that cat


Posted by: Shelby Lynne Bush 2006-04-14



Posted by: Carlos Mencia 2006-04-14

Why is the strawbery red? Why is the cat grey? Why am i asking all these dumb questions? Why are you reading this? Why are you still reading this? Are you a dumb moronic fucking asshole? If yes press your nose. If you pressed your nose then you are a dumb moronic fucking asshole. If you are still reading this then your parents created a fucking dumb ass that needs yo choke on the strawberry and jump of a big building of your choice ok fruit cake. Bye and Im going to fuck your girlfriend when your gone....still can't believe you read this whole thing fucker.


Posted by: Ol dirty gangsta 2006-04-14

shut the fuck up you fagget ass bitches.


Posted by: Rosina 2006-04-14

Its JUST a strawberry! A big strawberry, but none the less a strawberry.Going back to Daniels comment not all youths are as 'dumb' as you think! Hows that for good punctuation and grammar!! I am 15, you can check my site for proof.


Posted by: Your site blows 2006-04-14

Very much.


Posted by: Tom Green 2006-04-14

eBaum ate the bloody berry!


Posted by: arschficker 2006-04-14

it really doesnt seem all that big


Posted by: Dran-o 2006-04-14

I would like to fuck the strawberry.


Posted by: bonerlicker 2006-04-14

i love to lick boners......if that strawberry was a boner, i would love to lick it.


Posted by: Ryou 2006-04-14

I've seen strawberries bigger than that. what's with the cat?


Posted by: Crypt 2006-04-14

wow, the cat is for the juxtaposition, because, everyone knows he sise of a cat, and now you can tell the sise of the fruit, ya fruit.


Posted by: Karl 2006-04-14

Sadly, Daniel is right. If you have nothing to say about the picture, why don't you just shut up? I don't think anyone sees your little obscenities as cute or funny, but rather a desparate plea for attention. In other words, get a life.


Posted by: Purple Part Of Your ASSHOLE. 2006-04-14

Karl, taking the time to write that entitles you to a life? Obscenities? Sounds like something your slut mother screams when I "accidentially" plunge my vein stick in her ass. (BTW. Shit Dick Stinks.) Where was I...? Oh yeah...Cat-Kabobs....MEEEOOOWWW!!!!!!! (crunch)


Posted by: Potato Fucker 2006-04-14

I like that strawberry. I'd prefer potato... Better try a potato next time NIXON FOR PRESIDENT


Posted by: Bernard The Carrot 2006-04-14

FUCKING LOSERS this strawberry sucks get a life you pathetic photographers! Is like every viewer of this lame site just some patheticly bored male crackhead redirected from that link on ebaumsworld, i know i am. peace out mofos. i am also a potatofucker ROCK ON


Posted by: William Gates III 2006-04-14

So anyway... i was visiting one of those retro arcade, you know, those 'Nintendo' whorehouses what are they like from the stone age! Its just terrible. So anyway what i want to say is... Whats a quarter? XBOX RULES


Posted by: Bernard the potato fucking geek 2006-04-14

Thats not a big strawberry! Im sure they just grown it in a small container it's just flat. It isn't even in focus with the ruler its like 5 cm wide. RIDICULOUS. I am utterly disappointed. LOL PURPLE ASSED FREAKS. i luv f0rumz


Posted by: Harcore/Softporn 2006-04-14

Umm this straberry maybe huge but...who gives a fuck its a fruit not a god you bunch of idiots


Posted by: brian 2006-04-14



Posted by: Eh.. 2006-04-15

I love reading arguements on the internet! Weeeee!


Posted by: Maddy 2006-04-15

Angus, sweetie... those are centimetres


Posted by: Julia Goolia 2006-04-15

Dude!!! has anyone ever heard of perspective?? the fucking ruler is like 2ft away! thats why it seems to be 12 inches in diameter! and for those of you old bitches that think the youth of this country are idiots... go fuck yourselves! p.s.... we came out of YOUR old vaginas... maybe that should tell you something! (go get your damn IQ checked bitch!)


Posted by: systemofadownroxurass 2006-04-15

wtf? this sites in a diff language? how could u g2 the store and just buy this gay huge strawberry? and y is everyone swearing? is that really appropriate? this is a gay ass site tho, so i guess we have every right to swear..... i fucked a potato!!! system of a down rox everyones ass off!!!!!!!


Posted by: Batmanners 2006-04-15

I love Daniel. Oh wait, he's a real dumb slut. About Angus Von Schtutgartenstein's comment, (12inches, then magically 5 inches in the other photo) It's not inches, in Centimeters, how do I know? Inches are divided into 16 equal parts, and have different sized notches for all measures (1/16th, 1/8th, 1/4th, 1/2, ect..) And that ruler obviously is divided into 10's with notch at the 5mm mark and a larger one at every centimeter...Ahh the magic of rulers...Oh, by the way, Fou fucking americans oughta get with the times man, GO METRIC, DUMP IMPERIAL, I thought you had a war to get rid of British imperialism, yet you keep their measuring system, which is super duper flawed, whereas, the british themselves have already dumped their stupid system and joined the rest of the world, enjoying the beauty of the metric system.


Posted by: Colonel Lingus 2006-04-15

this is corn ball stuff. did you know that the kat preferes tomatoes? and they got the thing at a store. i cant believe i'm responding to this. please.


Posted by: KEV 2006-04-15

What does cat nip do to cats....i heard that i makes them high or some dome shit like that....i seen a cat eat it and it just got more playful........and to solve the dumb ass ruler thing.....and inch has 16 lines between each mark to represent 1/16 of an inch this ruler only has 10 lines between each mark which means it is metric. trust me i go to U PENN


Posted by: kev 2006-04-15

fuck i didnt see that dudes comment above the ruler thing was already solved.....well anyway does anyone know wat cat nip does?


Posted by: You are all idiots 2006-04-15

If you go to U PENN, and you are bragging about it, why the hell don't you know what catnip(one word) does? Maybe you could try it! Now for the explanation: There is a chemical in catnip called nepetalactone, and it is this that triggers the response in the cat's brain. it somehow kicks off a stereotypical pattern in cats that are sensitive to the chemical. The catnip reaction is inherited, and some cats are totally unaffected by it. Large cats like tigers can be sensitive to it as well. The reaction to catnip only lasts a few minutes. Then the cat acclimates to it, and it can take an hour or two away from catnip for the cat to "reset." Then, the same reaction can occur again. There you are...oh yea, trust me, i go to UW-Madison


Posted by: Rammstein 2006-04-15

schviden ackbar iirem.......schteiiiiiiin Rammstein - Heirate Mich


Posted by: "V" 2006-04-15

Eh, I'm sure I've eaten bigger... its only 12cm wide And the bigger they are, the more bitter they taste..


Posted by: "V" 2006-04-15

KEv, catnip does make cats high, but it only effects like 4/5 cats. It causes the same effect on a cat as does the smell of a female in heat, yet it effects all cats not just males. Also, it causes them to become highly aroused, playful, and it also can cause halucinations... my cat chases imaginary things.. but his has nothing to do with that straberry


Posted by: sockrates 2006-04-15

The wind needs to get a fucking job!


Posted by: kev 2006-04-15

to the kid that goes to UW-Madison i knew how it worked but all the website says it makes them drunk....the answer i was looking for waas that posted by "V". and next time that you would like to copy and paste from a website and try and make it look like your own i would at least change the words a little.


Posted by: pecker jolt 2006-04-15

i like thoup do u like thoup?


Posted by: dani 2006-04-15

duude i love thoup


Posted by: 5 Children and Shit 2006-04-16

Some idiot put catnip in that strawberry...


Posted by: menoeatstrawberries 2006-04-16

me no like to eat strawberries, me like to eat pussy!


Posted by: nate 2006-04-16

dude, that is not the worlds largest strawberry. seriously. I mean, if y'all in sweden think thats a big strawberry, why not you come down to America and check out our berries. Seriously, they're all bigger than that.


Posted by: Chuck Norris 2006-04-16

Chuck Norris once ate four, thirty pound bowling balls without chewing.


Posted by: Farauk 2006-04-16

hooly schmoooly! check out that ART! AWESOME!


Posted by: Mike Hunt 2006-04-16

I think the cat is hottt!!!!


Posted by: to phil mcKrackin (4-14-06) 2006-04-16

chuck norris dosen't kill people, chuck norris after a bad night and with a knife kills people :)


Posted by: laffyman 2006-04-17

Karl, I think its funny how you say that "if you don't have anything to say about the picture, then why don't you just shut up?" but i didn't see you saying anything about it. All you did was rant about "obscenities" and shit. why don't you just shut the hell up and let people say what they want to say. If you don't like it then don't read it dumbfuck. Oh, look, I used proper puntuation and grammar and I'm 15. I also used obscenities bitch. As for the strawberry, I think its cool but I've seen bigger. Daniel, you were a kid too and I'm sure you were a bigger dumbass then you make people here seem. How do you even know that those people were kids? You don't fucker so shut the hell up. I hope you two read this and take a good look at your lives. Oh, and kids are influenced by their surrondings when they are young so you taught us this shit dumbass. I'm done because I'm running out of room.


Posted by: Jen 2006-04-17

I have a friend that has seen one BIGGER then that !!!!


Posted by: Air 2006-04-17

WOW KIDS, you seem to have a lot of pinned up rage, how about you take it out on Halo, or CS losers. Life is a little to tough for you, and you are to weak to take it, so you post insults on a blog about a strawberry...waa! You want attention? Then get a life.


Posted by: shabba 2006-04-17

Thats nothing. Pacman had one the size of his fucking head!


Posted by: shabba 2006-04-17

Mr T pities the fool. Chuck Norris rips the fools fucking head off!


Posted by: Paul 2006-04-17

Cat and a huge strawberry. You really can't go wrong.


Posted by: Kurtz 2006-04-17

check out the next post, there this dude crushes an apple wioth his bare hand!


Posted by: This is for Daniel 2006-04-19

Daniel you are a prick you are assuming that these people are young. you need to get a life


Posted by: Ihateboystheycankissmyass 2006-04-22

Must have taste really..really amazing.


Posted by: Alexandra 2006-04-28

Hehe det var et veldig stort jordbaer, men i Norge har vi mange storre saa! Hehe. Ser godt ut... :)


Posted by: Amehl7 2006-05-07

It's soooo easy to talk shit to people over the internet, I bet half of you would have nothing to say to me face-to-face.


Posted by: Cole Smith 2006-05-07

thats not even big


Posted by: Rosie 2006-05-12

Why are you guys all so critical? If you think that this blog is a 'waste of time' and extremely 'childish' then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT IT??? I think it's a cool strawberry and yes it is just a strawberry.. Maybe people have seen bigger and maybe you think it's really sad but can't you just be nice to people?? We have enough bullying arseholes in this world. Oh and don't bother writing comments saying why don't I get a life and i'm a prick because I really couldn't care less.. Anyway bye bye I have better things to do then try and rid the blog comment pages of evil!! LoL x X x X x


Posted by: Plasma101 2006-07-11

Whoa!That looks yummy.....*Drools*


Posted by: san 2006-11-10

what a cute little cat...........whayever


Posted by: cat 2006-12-04

so u bought the biggest strawberry then fed it to ur cat? WTF


Posted by: Anon 2006-12-22

Are you sure thats the worlds largest strawberry? Surely it would be on display or something!


Posted by: DianaCrabtree 2006-12-30

My grandma would say "Taka Gud Fermotten"


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-12-30

Or - not out to be a besserwisser - "tacka gud för maten" :)


Posted by: ._. 2007-01-16

I think there's nothing wrong with the ruler, it's just the enormous hand that's doing the trick. I mean it's bigger than cat's head. And crap, you CAN'T BUY THE WORLD'S BIGGEST STRAWBERRY IN SOME DUMB PLACE FOR GROCERY SHOPPING OR SOMETHING. It would have been in some museum as preserved strawberry or something. By the way, the strawberry looks disgusting. Even the cat looks yummier =.="


Posted by: To all the dudes who think that you are all cool 2007-01-16

To all those people who tell others to get a life, stop your bullshit. If you had anything better to do, you wouldn't be here posting either. You ought think about your own rubbish state of life suckers. It's a free world man. We all have the right to express ourselves, so if you want to take it out on us youngsters, go find yourself a bigger strawberry and prove us wrong about you. Because to me, all those who look down upon others, are worthless people. If you don't give others the respect they deserve, you ought not to receive any either. So you can't talk about getting a life, and the absolute perfect use of the english language. And by the way, im not some old freak. I'm 16 xD Rock on ye strawberry fans


Posted by: fbksjf 2007-02-02

wow!!!!! totaly amazin dude!!!


Posted by: Gem 2007-02-15

Just wondering, what is the point of the comments? I really don't understand how an internet arguement that mostly has nothing to do with the strawberry that this site is about is helping anyone.


Posted by: ^_^ 2007-02-15

who the fuck buys the worlds largest strawberry at a god damn grocery store and feeds it to their fucking cat?!?!this god damn strawberry isn't even a strawberry it looks like a fucking tomato to me.I would never go to a damn grocery store buy the largest strawberry in the damn world then feed it to some fucking cat!!thats fucking bullshit!!that strawberry had to be bitter as shit for that poor cat cuz strawberries that big have to be bitter.You want to taste some good fucking strawberries take ur ass down to Newfoundland where my grandma has a huge ass strawberry patch all around her house.I say she has the best fucking strawberries you will ever put in ur god damn mouth!!Ahahaha!!!!=D


Posted by: lilly 2007-03-02

No offence but this might be nice and big but i prefer small straberries because this one look realy moudly :) Ps im only 8 so odnt take it to heart x


Posted by: Abercrombie 2007-03-12

That strawberry looks really tasty!!!


Posted by: Brooklyn 2007-03-14

I think that this story is very odd yet surprisingly satisfying. I really do think that the strawberry looks like a red ball with a sack tied around it with a green tie. I hope its not because that would be cheating!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: dad/simon 2007-04-05

thanks for answering my sons question about how big can a strawberry get ,cheers


Posted by: megan 2007-05-03

i have a strawberry thats even bigger


Posted by: sl 2007-05-18

what the heck i speak english how big is the stupid but yummy strawberry?


Posted by: bob 2007-05-18

i love sl there so hott


Posted by: wazz up 2007-05-21

I want to eat you!!!!


Posted by: paul 2007-06-23

type in "worlds largest strawberry" the contest is on! good luck!

it's on youtube!


Posted by: LISAAA 2007-07-16

today i found a strawberyy larger hevier than my cellphone, its huggee =~~


Posted by: dvgvdsdgfyudeshf 2007-10-15

that is wicked mama cool


Posted by: kassy 2007-10-24



Posted by: superwoman 2007-12-04

wow thats a big strawberry! we should dip it in chocolate and eat it


Posted by: karen 2008-01-16

big! I might have one bigger


Posted by: syha 2008-07-02

thats not big its round.


Posted by: Hannah 2008-09-18

that is freakin big strawberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: nina 2009-02-07

oh man we had a strawberry bigger than that but we ate it!!!!


Posted by: kilko 2009-06-11

Skitsnackvärldensstörastsa jord gumma äju inte dendupcuko


Posted by: Selena 2010-04-01

...I just found a strawberry a lot bigger than that one lol. :)


Posted by: Mark Lamb 2010-06-30

I grew a strawberry that is bigger than that strawberry. In my garden at home.


Posted by: ello 2010-08-02

Wow i like the cat ^.^


Posted by: hi? 2010-08-05

OMG, its so big!i want to eat it, but the cat got it first. I wonder if the cat ateit all by itself, :O


Posted by: Sean 2010-09-25

ive got one almost as big as that...


Posted by: Becky 2011-07-15

we think we might have the worlds largeast strawberry lenth(60mm) (50mm).thankyou. becky ashcroft.


Posted by: Alexander 2015-04-03

Hello. Please tell me what kind of strawberry varieties link Where they grow so large strawberries. I find it very important. I want to find a manufacturer that would buy his seedlings. Thank you for your response Alexander


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