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00:38:10 Thursday, 13 May 2004 I've just finished the paintings "The Giant", "Red is dead", "Shadow chaser" and "Desert dawn" tonight.
I was on a interview for a job as a photographer this Monday, up in Härnösand. I think it went OK and it would be good if I got that job (I would actually be rather surprised if I didn't get it). It's about taking school photos (I don't know why I so often end up working with kids and young people in my extra jobs, I wish it weren't so because it really drains me of energy), working August to November. Anyway, that fits rather well with my plans; I could make some money the first months of the autumn/winter and then rent a studio down in Spain, thus evading the rest of the winter.
It fell some snow today and yesterday when I was out running one of my shorter but harder tracks; 8 kilometres downhill ending with 1 kilometre uphill the slalom slope beside the Southern Mountain hotel. It was too cold to be comfortable.
I've just finished reading Peter F. Hamilton's "The Reality Dysfunction" and went to the library and borrowed the sequels "The Neutronium Alchemist" and "The Naked God". I read mostly SF these days.

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