Not one 1 Up Mushroom, a whole box of 1up Mushrooms! Extraliv!

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A box of 1up Mushrooms - Extraliv
What's a 1-up mushroom worth to you?

The market value of a box of 1-Up mushrooms?

If you had only one mushroom, would you save it until you were the last one standing, or would you give it to a loved one in need? If you should get the whole box, how would you store them until you needed one, in the freezer?

Mmmm... Tastes just as one might imagine, like a blend of piggelin and Fuji apples...

Wow! Look, radio waves!

Marknadsvärdet på en låda 1Up-svampar?

Om du hade bara en svamp, skulle du spara den tills du var den siste på scenen, eller skulle du ge den till någon älskad i nöd? Om du skulle få hela lådan, hur skulle du förvara dem tills du behövde en, i frysen?

Mmmm... Smakar precis som man kunde ana, som en mix av piggelin och Fuji-äpplen...

Wow! titta, radiovågor!

Another thing, The Martian Anthropologist should be mentioned, his blog is well worth a bookmark, it's a remedy to see that there are people who have the guts to stand up and challenge religion, politics and such fairy tale belief in what seems to have become the very land thereof.

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Posted by: acur$t' 2006-05-23

lol would like 1 of those...


Posted by: Kalle Kula 2006-05-23

Hett tips: kolla in resten av den här bloggen. Har här hittat min nya hobby: SORKFISKE.


Posted by: Anders And 2006-05-23

Here are the real 1Up Mushrooms


Posted by: Stan Kajman 2006-05-23

The ones above sure look more like the real thing to me....


Posted by: Aaron Mocksing 2006-11-18

I want one.


Posted by: Claire 2007-01-17

I want a box..


Posted by: Simiki 2007-01-21

OwO I luv you... and the shrooms ten times more. <3


Posted by: jessica itzel 2007-02-17

esta genial !!!!


Posted by: James 2007-05-10

hahaha awesome.


Posted by: KIBA 2007-09-11

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!e-mail me the price of those 1 up mushrooms!............tell me how did you paint those mushrooms?...i love them!


Posted by: JAZZ 2013-03-26



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