a silent apartment in a 150 years old wooden house

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We're moving, from Nacksta to Snickaregatan. A major upgrade of our lives, the wining ventilation in the old apartment drove me near insanity sometimes and Nacksta was in straight language both too expensive and at the same time not classy enough for us. First we considered renting and renovating a toolshop in Haga, but we quickly changed our minds and made the smarter decision to move to

Old view from our apartment in Nacksta.

Snickaregatan, closer to the city. We found the new apartment just two days before we had to move out from Nacksta.

Our new crib.

So here's where we live now, smaller
but a thousand times nicer,a silent apartment in a 150 years old wooden house.

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Current view from our bedroom.

The same day as we moved in a balloon almost crashed into the house, it later went down without any larger incidents a few kilometres to the east.

View from were I'm sitting right now.

On the downside, we will not have a broadband connection until...

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