Some scribble, cartoons, picture puzzles, what caused Big Bang etc. - Klotter; skämtteckningar, rebusar, vad som orsakade Big Bang etc.

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Klotter från mina anteckningsblock. Some scribble from my notepads.

Nothing scares me!

Guru and Adept
- Perfection is goodness' enemy.
- Got an example?

Allt för din dront! Everything for your dodo bird!
The Dodo Bird Specialist.

Rebusar, markera det svarta fältet under bilden för svaret.

Rebus 1
Ankring förbjuden

Rebus 2
Dra åt helvete

Rebus 3
Dra på trissor

Picture puzzles, Select /mark the black field below the pictures for the solution.

Picture Puzzle 1
Only if I have to

Picture Puzzle 2
Right as rain

Cat in car
Cats in cars, we all know that situation.

Naturlagarna begränsar antalet möjligheter till det antal händelser verkligheten klarar av att upprätthålla.
The Laws of Nature restrict the number of possibilities to the number of events reality is capable of maintaining.

Svarta hål och Big Bang and black holes.
If a black hole becomes large enough then the gravitational pull from its outer layers ought to hollow out its centre, rather violently.
The resulting inner space ought to be a extremely complex entanglement of frequencies, vortexes, fractals etc.

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