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Frog and Snake - Orm och Groda
Frog and snake.
Groda och orm.

We went down to Stockholm over the weekend, I had to fetch a stack of paintings I've had on display on Hornsgatan (If that means anything to you. Well I tell you; quite a few Swedish artists might be prepared to kill in order to have a few of their paintings on Hornsgatan in Stockholm).

We spent the early Sunday afternoon at the Zoo - Skansen - and below are some of the photos I took.

I'm particularly pleased with the photo of the sleuths.

Vi drog ner till Stockholm över helgen, jag måste hämta en trave tavlor jag haft på Hornsgatan (puckeln och det där köret, ni vet [...nähä]).

I alla fall fördrev vi ett par söndagstimmar på Skansen, och nedanför är några bilder jag tog.

Jag är nog mest nöjd med fotot på sengångarna.

Rakka rakka, klicketiklacka:

Sleuths picture.
Sleuths eating.

Sengångare äter.

Marmoset picture.
Baboon family picture.
Baboon family


Zoo picture.
Lemur in box.

Lemur i låda.

Lemur picture.
Lemur bun.


Small monkey picture.
Small monkey.

Liten apa.

Small monkeys picture.
Another small monkey.

En liten apa till.

What was that?!
Animated meerkats.

Animerade surikater.

Snake in bush picture.
Snake in bush.

Orm i buske.

Snake and frog picture.
Snake and frog.

Snake and frog.

Yellow snake picture.
Yellow snake.

Gul orm.

Yellow frogs picture.
Yellow frogs.

Gula grodor.

Blue frogs picture.
Blue frogs.

Blå grodor.

Snap turtle picture.
Snap turtle.


Alligator turtles picture.
Alligator turtles - guess how many.

Alligatorsköldpaddor - gissa hur många.

Cockroaches picture.


Climbing bear picture.
Climbing bear

Klättrande björn

Lynx picture.


Wolves picture.


Wolverine picture.


Bison picture.
Owl picture.


Geese picture.
Geese on the roof.

Gäss på tak.

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