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Baby with tail, Monkey Boy - Barn med svans.

My mother has recently spent some time sorting photos taken during the last 50 years, and today I sat down and skimmed through my childhood. I often get a feeling of tiredness when dealing with this kind of retrospection through old photos, seldom does it bring happiness.

It's an unpleasant reminder of things which could have been done to a better outcome, and regarding my childhood there are particularly two issues where I find it hard to forgive my parents.
The first is that they never fulfilled their far gone plans to move to Australia. Winters, cold and darkness are really not my cup of tea, and left unattended they will probably sooner or later be the cause of my death.

The second issue is that they took my tail from me. Sure, it would have caused some social issues in the beginning, and to sit down, in a car seat for instance, might have been somewhat of a problem. But, as if I haven't always been a tad outside socially anyway (and prefer it that way), and car seats are easily modified. And not a thought on that by bereave me of my tail I also lost my air conditioning, without the tail as a cooler I sweat for no reason at all, which is the main reason why I usually tie a so called zandana around my head.

So parents, learn from this and let your kids decide for themselves about their tails' be or not be!

Min mor har nyligen sorterat foton tagna under de senaste 50 åren, och idag jag har bläddrat igenom min barndom. Jag får ofta någon slags trötthetskänsla av att blicka tillbaka genom gamla foton på det här sättet, sällan innebär det någon glädje.

Man blir obehagligt påmind om sådant som kunde ha gjorts bättre, och när det gäller min barndom är det i synnerhet två saker som jag har svårt att förlåta mina föräldrar för.
Det ena är att de aldrig gjorde slag i sina långt gångna planer att flytta till Australien. Vintrar, kyla och mörker är inte min grej och lämnade oåtgärdade kommer de väl förr eller senare att bli det som orsakar min död.

Det andra är att de tog svansen ifrån mig. Visst, den kanske hade orsakat en del sociala problem till en början, och att sitta ner, t.ex. i ett bilsäte, kanske hade inneburit en del problem. Men, som om jag inte alltid varit aningen utanför socialt ändå (och föredrar det), och bilsitsar är enkla att modifiera. Och inte tänkte man på att genom att beröva mig svansen blev jag också av med luftkonditioneringen, utan svansen som kylare svettas jag för ingenting och det är huvudorsaken till att jag vanligtvis knyter en sådan där zandana runt huvudet.

Så föräldrar, lär av detta och låt era barn bestämma över sina svansars vara eller icke vara själva!

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Posted by: Jaime 2006-06-06

Yeah, that´s sad... you would certainly be much happier in Australia, jumping around with that tail


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-06-06

Long time no see, Jaime, your excellent painting still got the best spot over our dinner table. Yes, imagine the advantages having a tail regarding balance and control when surfing. Alas, I could have been an Australian surf god! The thought moistens my eyes...


Posted by: Jaime 2006-06-07

Hi Max Art, Australia, nostalgia from childhood, and all that... I´ll come back to you later. Lots of work now.


Posted by: videogang 2006-06-19

Great pictures


Posted by: Michael Dixon 2006-10-03

I love the tails! We probably all had them early in our evolution, I enjoy all of your art!-Michael-Artist


Posted by: annie 2006-11-16

You're a big boy now! What's stopping YOU from moving to Australia?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-11-19

Money, family, and the notion that Australia is one of many possible locations. And, it's an absolute nescessity to have something to arrive to, I have no wish to start all over from nothing again.


Posted by: Westley 2007-06-23

we're u famous did they but u on ripley's belive it or not


Posted by: Westley 2007-06-23

can u stand up with ur tail or a have to wal with ur feet and hands


Posted by: Steve 2007-06-25

Great photo - Tasmanian Tiger maybe? I live in 'sun-burnt & drought afflicted' Queensland, Australia & would love to swap some of your cold & wet weather for ours. Although today it's been raining with a top temp of about 16 degrees (celcius). Summer goes from about October to April or May with temps mostly above 35 degrees EVERY day.


Posted by: seyad ahamed 2007-08-24



Posted by: ur a freak 2007-11-06

y the fuck would u want to keep ur tail? u will never have any friend and face it... u would never get laid!!!


Posted by: kardariusglass 2007-11-07



Posted by: Brandon 2007-12-09

dude, that iz the most weirdest baby ive evr seen!!!!!!!!! 1 of its parents must hav been a monkey!!!


Posted by: dude man 2008-11-21

i think it would be awesome to have a tail.


Posted by: bob 2008-11-21

if that tail was real show me some pics of the tail attached to your butt!!!!!!!!! if you cant that tail is a fake!!!


Posted by: Max Magnus 2008-11-21

My parents had to remove the tail since when I still had it I turned into a werewolf-like creature with superpowers each full moon - and a one year old kid with superpowers is really bad y'know, a werewolf- like one year old with superpowers is even worse. My parents were so disturbed by the tail that no other pictures but this one remains.


Posted by: bob 2008-11-21

oh too bad for you i bet you would love to still have it am i right?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2008-11-21

It would be great for regulating body temperature better and for balance when longboarding - but awkward when sitting down, in a car for instance.


Posted by: bob 2008-11-21

could you wag the tail? if you could thats awesome. and i feel bad that you had to get it cut off.


Posted by: bob 2008-11-21

oh and whats ur email and yoyoyoyoy@charter.com isn't my real email


Posted by: Max Magnus 2008-11-21

If I could wag it? Probably, people claim that it was agile as a elephant's trunk. But I was too young to remember, but it does appear in my dreams, like a phantom limb.

You can use the form at the contact page for e-mailing.


Posted by: bob 2008-11-21

ok check your e-mail now


Posted by: bob 2008-11-22

did your parents burn or destroy the other photoes? if they did they just didn't want you to find out that you had a tail.


Posted by: bob 2008-11-22

did you say that you would still love to have a tail well im telling you i would like to have one i think tails are awesome dont you?


Posted by: Somebody 2008-12-24

REALLY looks Photoshopped to me.


Posted by: Alejandro 2011-11-04

Du har rätt jag önskar jag hade en svans


Posted by: Alejandro 2011-11-04

You have right i wish i has a tail!!!!!! It whod be sopp cool!!! Your perent was stupid when they cut your tail did that hurt??? Was it bones in you tail? If it was like that why did you perents cut your tail??????? It is like ,cut your back did it fel hurtful? Can i se more pictures on some sight????? A indian boy was born whit a tail to but it was no bone in it..... To have a tail whod be soooooooooooooooo cool!


Posted by: Gemmy 2013-08-15

You had a tail?! LUCKY!! I'd love to have a tail, I wish I did. I could be swinging around from trees, Grabbing stuff, everything!!! I'm in year 7 now. And I'd <3 a tail. EPIC!!!


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