Summer Drink Recipe: The Xiggy - Recept på sommardrink: Xiggy

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Start by pouring up as much Xanté you think you are in need of.Melt one or two Piggelin ice-creams in the liquor. This step takes patience and is kind of a are-you-an-alcholic self test; if you have to taste before the ice-cream has finished melting then it's likely you're an alcoholic.

I almost forgot that; you might have to go to Sweden in order to get those ice-creams; Piggelin tastes as pears would have tasted if the Universe should have been made by a benevolent god.

Now pour in some low- or non-fat milk. Do not stir, only roll it some.

Finish by garnish the drink with an After Eight.

Tastes kind of OK, but it's guaranteed to become the kids' favourite!

Börja med att hälla på så mycket Xanté du tycker du behöver.Smält en eller två Piggelin i spriten. Detta steg kräver tålamod och är lite av ett är-du-en-alkoholist-test; måste du smaka innan glassen smält är du troligen alkoholist.Häll på mini- eller lättmjölk. Rör inte om, bara rulla en aning.

Färdigställ drinken med att garnera med en After Eight.

Smakar väl sådär, men blir garanterat barnens favorit!

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