Small Game Hunting in the Garden: Macro Photo Insect Pictures

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Me and M went out to my toolshop in Nyland to check if my mother was still alive, after confirming that she was I went on some small game hunting in the garden.

Click to enlarge:

Horse fly - Broms
These fellows bite small chunks out of you if they get the chance.

Hairy sex
Hairy sex.
A kuse, as we say in Sweden. But they sure don't in Norway.
Doomed spider
Doomed spider; there's a parasite on its back.
Dragon fly
Dragon fly.
These moths are the ones that wrap the trees.

Not enough? Then check out last year's insect photos here.

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Posted by: Giancarlo Rinna 2006-07-14

!!! Amazing bug photos !!! I love how sharp the main photo is and how the black long things blur out of focus... :)


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