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Painted Lady, Cynthia cardui - Tistelfjäril
Painted Lady Cynthia cardui

So, I sit there in the bathroom skimming through one of the comics I bought for almost no money at all on a flea market the other day only to discover that what I hold in my hand is actually the first issue ever of the Swedish edition of Larson! (no. 1/88). It's in a rather good condition also. It's kind of like that time when we came home from shopping groceries and discovered that we accidentally had bought with us The World's Largest Strawberry in that otherwise perfectly ordinary box of strawberries.

It seems like the whole of Sweden (kind of) and half of Europe have discovered that moose thing by now. On sunday one of Sweden's most popular link portals, Buzz, linked to the moose post and soon a whole bunch of other followed. Yesterday the moose post alone had 15 000 visitors. Hungarians seem particularly interested due to some reason.

The landlord has without warning started to re-paint the house, and it's not too fun having people running outside the window here at the second floor, so I made an escape out to Nyland and photographed butterflies instead of staying here feeling like some kind of zoo animal.

And yes, BTW, I just finished a large (but not that large that it doesn't fit easily in the trunk of my sports car - that's a rule I follow) painting I will call "The Ride" or something.

Första nummret av Larson! - 1/88

Så sitter man där på toan och bläddrar i en av serietidningarna man köpte för 2:- styck på Fyndlagret då det slår mig att vad jag håller i handen faktiskt är det absolut första nummret av Larson! (nr. 1/88). I fint skick är tidningen också. Det är lite som den där gången när vi varit och handlat på Willys och upptäckte att vi fått hem Världens Största Jordgubbe i kartongen med jordgubbar vi köpt.

Det verkar som om (typ) hela Sverige och halva Europa nu upptäckt den där älg-grejen. I söndags började Buzz att länka och fler (Ollo.net, in4mador!, Blarf, Länkarkivet, Trist.nu, Jesper.nu, Manhattan.se, 112UH, The Zoom, Daily och en drös andra) följde snart efter. Bara sedan igår har det varit över 15 000 besökare bara till älg-inlägget. I synnerhet folk i Ungern verkar roade av det av någon anledning.

Hyresvärden har utan förvarning börjat måla om fasaden på huset, inte det roligaste att ha folk som springer omkring utanför fönstren här på tredje våningen så jag flydde ut till Nyland och fotograferade fjärilar i stället för att sitta här som någon annan akvariefisk.

Bitte klickshen zum diz insekten enlargshen:
Orange butterfly - Orange fjäril
Brimstone, Gonepteryx rhamni - Citronfjäril
Orange butterflies - Orange fjärilar
Painted lady, Cynthia cardui - Tistelfjäril
Large white, Pieris brassicae - Kålfjäril
Orange butterflies - Orange fjärilar

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Posted by: fin 2006-09-03

beautiful pictures.


Posted by: Butterfly 2006-09-10

Beautiful collection of pictures mate, however you never provided any details of the picture. You need some site management!


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-09-10

I'm actually in the process of re-writing and expanding my "show-paintings-CGI" in order to allow it to sort and display my photos as well. But, it will take some time since I also feel that I have to enhance and freshen up quite a few of my old photos in order for them to meet up with current standard of quality. The animal- and Middle Eastern pics especially.


Posted by: shamshoom 2007-09-02

very lovely photos, , butturflies are one of most beautiful insects in the world with their lovely mixture of colours and soft behaviour


Posted by: Michele Rakstad 2007-10-21

I like your pictures of the butterflie, they are really good..


Posted by: davidchircop 2008-03-12

i want to change my desk top pictuer


Posted by: Lilian Nattel 2008-12-19

I was looking for something beautiful to look at because the news is disheartening. Thank you for these butterflies.


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