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Royal Purple Corrado
A car worthy an artist.

To drive a worn down car is like walking around in dirty trousers, and since me and M have been drivin' around without a grill and with a dented wheel arch for almost a year by now it was about time we pimped our ride into style again.

This is a perfect car for an artist, creates just the right degree of attention and if the backseats are pushed down then a whole exhibition goes into the trunk. Paintings up to 100 X 170 centimetres (39" X 67") fit in. What other sports car is capable of that?

I need a sports car for the simple reason that I hate being out in the traffic; traffic jams and a lot of people just being in the way. I do not live forever and there's nothing more frustrating than just sitting there sensing the obliteration of precious time, hence I want to get from A to B as fast as possible. That's somewhat less painful in a car like this one.

The biggest drawback with this car is all these testosterone reeking monkey-males which take the plain sight of it as some kind of challenge. Worst are those men who probably wanted something sporty themselves but were forced to a compromise by their wives and finally were allowed to buy the "sport" version of a Volvo or Audi station wagon or something in that direction. When that kind of people see a car like this one they just have to get past at any cost, and then almost as often slow down to a few miles below the speed limit, blocking the way in front, just to show that when they bought their over-priced Volvo they also bought a considerable part of the Swedish roads.
Get this you who this concern: You get past because I let you, the kind of car you see here goes from 0-100 kph in about 6 seconds in original condition - and this car is not in original condition.

I suspect that many such males are actually that kind of homosexuals who do not dare getting out of the closet and thus have to project their impulses onto something else; because obviously they either want to be in my ass or want me in theirs.

Att åka omkring i en risig bil är som att gå omkring i skitiga byxor, och då jag och M åkt omkring utan grill och med en buckla på skärmen i drygt ett år nu var på tiden att vi pimpade tillbaka lite stil på bilen.

Detta är en perfekt bil för en konstnär, skapar sådär lagomt med uppmärksamhet och fäller man ner baksätet går det in en hel utställning i bagaget. Tavlor upp till 100 X 170 cm går in. Vilken annan sportbil klarar av det?

Jag behöver just en sportbil av den enkla anledningen att jag hatar att vara ute i trafiken; köer och en massa folk som bara är i vägen rent allmänt. Jag lever inte för evigt och det finns inget mer frustrerande än att bara sitta där och förnimma förintelsen av värdefull tid, därför vill ta mig från A till B så fort som möjligt. Det blir lite mindre plågsamt med en sådan här.

Den största nackdelen med att ha en sådan här bil är alla dessa testosterondrypande ap-hannar som tar åsynen av den som någon slags utmaning. Värst är de män som antagligen ville ha något sportigt själv men tvingades kompromissa med frugan och slutligen fick lov att köpa "sportvarianten" av en Volvo- eller Audikombi eller liknande. När sådana ser en sådan här bil bara måste de köra om, till varje pris, och vanligtvis måste de sedan lägga sig framför, blockera vägen och köra fem kilometer under hastighetsbegränsningen bara för visa att när de köpte sin överprisade klump till Volvo köpte de också en betydande bit av det svenska vägnätet.
Fatta ni som känner er träffade; ni kommer om bara för att jag låter er köra om, en sådan här bil går 0-100 på drygt 6 sekunder i originalskick - och den här är inte i originalskick.

Jag misstänker att många dylika män är sådana där homosexuella som inte vågar komma ut ur garderoben och därmed måste projicera sina drifter på något annat; för uppenbarligen vill de antingen vara i arslet på mig eller så vill de ha mig i sitt eget.

Purple mooseCorrado interior: Dragon seats
Motif relief - happy purple face
Why have motif paint when you can have motif relief.

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Posted by: Brad 2007-03-17

Can you supply me with the color name or code for that purple car?? thanks in advance!! Brad


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-03-17

I have no idea of the colour code, but I do remember its name: Pearlescent Royal Purple.


Posted by: Richard Baars 2007-06-25

I think the colorname is Twilight Violet Pearl Effect Paint and the code is LC4T
Please contact for more info or questions.


Posted by: Derek 2007-06-27

nice car , i have one too and know what you mean about " dad racers!" with sport versions , what motor does it have ? mine is the 2.016v one.

yours is the VR6?



Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-06-27

Nah, it's not the V6, it's a heavily juiced up version of the later (-94) 4 cylinder engine. It's pretty neat, as fast as one wants it to be but without any outrageous fuel costs. Far too noisy though, but it will have to do until I find a suitable Lexus to replace it with.


Posted by: Tommy 2007-07-12

Ja hej!
Jag undrar bara vad färgen heter på Corradon? Färgkod vore kul.
Jag skall strax lacka min bil och är inne på en mörk lila nyans (har ju alltid gillat Deep Purple)och den här färgen ser rätt ut.
Tack på förhand helt sonika //Tommy


Posted by: Tommy 2007-07-12

Sorry glöm det du har ju redan svarat fint Pearlescent Royal Purple Tack
// blind


Posted by: droog 2007-08-22

No it is brombeer, or blackberry. I have one the same colour (looks crap when dirty, great in the sun...) the paint code sticker is in the will read something like LK4Z. I have just bought 2 litres. It's a pearl colour, here in England it is £70.00 for 1 litre....ouch. Then there is the laquer.....


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-08-22

To once for all end all speculation regarding the paint, I found the note with the exact specs, it's: PER 2-27 Royal Purple mic 2ct.


Posted by: Violet 2011-04-17

May I ask what the color/manufacturer color of this car is? This is EXACTLY the color I want to repaint my Black Currant Pearl Honda. If you can tell me, I would love, love love to know!


Posted by: Kyle 2011-04-18

love the car, i know this is an old posting so i still hope you see this....

what color is that? can you tell me the code. looks like midnight purple..except better.


Posted by: Max Magnus 2011-04-18

Violet & Kyle; please read previous comments.


Posted by: liv 2011-06-06

Hi I have been searching for a deep plum paint for my golf vr6 for months and the colour of your corrado is gorgeouse and exactly what I have been looking for. Please could you tell me the name of the colour and where you bought it from? Liv


Posted by: skrotbil 2016-05-08

Yes, hello!
I just wonder what the color is called in Corradon? Color code would be fun.
I'll just paint my car and is in a dark purple hue (have always liked Deep Purple) and this color looks right.


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