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The first assignment as a school photographer

August -04 The first assignment as a school photographer was to travel with Anders Malstedt to Norberg and take pictures on the schools around there.

I ran some in the forest around Norberg which is an old mining village. This tower is located in the forest outside Norberg, inside the tower is a hole more than 300 metres deep. The bridge over the water leads to a short tunnel through the mountain.

Three weeks of August -04 I got the job as a school photographer and was sent down to Norrköping for three weeks of training. We were about 25 people selected to work for Fujicolor all over Sweden. I wasn't too keen about being away from home another three weeks, but it was definitely worth it. I met a lot of very nice people which actually changed my previously rather pessimistic view of humanity. Our educators went through the workings of the Nikon F4 and the Hasselblad 506cm camera and all the other stuff we needed to know in order to become working school photographers. I was positively astonished when never once I heard anyone complain that they "wouldn't be able to learn this" or "this is too complicated" etc, stuff one always hear from people when someone is trying to explain something technical demanding skill above what's needed to handle common household gadgets. In other words; these were smart people! To make a long story short I made quite a few insights during this period, I met a few people that became very good friends.

Below, some of the moments.

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