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Animated spider - Animerad spindel

OK, here's a special one for my arachnophobic fans. It's autumn and outside my studio there are an abundance of spiders, particularly of the order Opiliones (commonly called daddy long-legs, shepherd- or harvest spiders).

OK, en specialare för alla mina fans som är spindelfobiker. Det är höst och utanför ateljén vimlar det av i synnerhet lockespindlar.

Opiliones (click to enlarge) - Lockespindel (klicka för att förstora)

These Opiliones-spiders have something harmless, almost good natured about them. Had they been marine animals I bet we would have cooked and eaten them.

Just look at these spiders cuddling with each other in the photo on the right. Makes me think of when a celebrity bimbo described sex between tall people as being "mostly legs". Which perhaps tells more about her supposed insights regarding that subject than anything else.

Below is a Garden Spider.

Lockespindlar har något harmlöst, nästan gemytligt, över sig. Hade de varit havslevande hade vi väl kokat och ätit dem.

Titta bara på spindlarna som gosar med varandra på fotot till höger. Får mig att minnas när någon kändis-bimbo beskrev sex mellan långa människor som "mest ben". Vilket kanske avslöjar mer om hennes påstådda insikter inom området sex än något annat.

Nedanför är en korsspindel.

Garden spider, Araneus diadematus (click to enlarge) - Korsspindel (klicka för att förstora)

Spiders who cuddle (click to enlarge) - Lockespindlar: Spindlar som gosar (klicka för att förstora)

Spiders who cuddle.
Spindlar som gosar.

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Posted by: Hunter Cashdollar 2006-10-02

Wow! These things look pretty nasty up close. Hunter Cashdollar


Posted by: chris 2006-10-05

Gorgeous photos. What angle did you take the top spider at? That 3d effect is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your art.


Posted by: Max Magnus 2006-10-05

Top photo; I rested the camera against the wall, the crevice between bricks the spider sits in runs horizontal on the wall, then I tilted the camera (very) slightly before shooting the second frame in the animation.


Posted by: I was White Trash when White Trash wasn't cool 2006-10-05

Quick! Step on 'em! Don't let 'em git away!


Posted by: Olle 2007-08-18

Harvestmen (opiliones) are arachnids, but they're not actually spiders. They have only one body segment (spiders have two) and they can't make webs.

Just thought I'd throw that out there. Nice photos!


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