little time for other things than sleep and catching colds

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September -04 Sorry folks that I do not write as much as I ought to here. All I do is drive from Jormvattnet in the west to I don't know where in the east and take pictures of school classes and children, else than that I seem to find little time for other things than sleep and catching colds.
It's a sometimes demanding and sometimes quite fun job after all.

Top 4, most demanding jobs I've had (some I still have):

1 - Artist (Work 'til you drop, traveling all over the country, no pay - only debts, just following this bloody calling in one's soul)
2 - Art teacher(No pay, no energy)
3 - Newspaper deliverer(Night rally with a Suzuki Jimny, constantly puking from the smell of fresh newspapers)
4 - School photographer (Lots of travel, lots of experiences)

View from my hotel window in Gäddede, close to the Norwegian border.

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