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Ghost dog

More pictures of ghost dogs here.

Fler bilder av spökhundar här.

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Posted by: John 2006-12-08

The longing ghost of a bichon frise I presume.


Posted by: monarachel rayos 2007-04-06

cool koi hgvrtt cds


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-04-06

Cheers o tou too, monarachel.


Posted by: angelica velazquez 2007-05-16

that is so not real. and


Posted by: joanna miranda 2007-05-17

what do you mean ghost dogs are freaking serious!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: amy/ditt nama 2007-06-20

I think this is fake cuse i look for ghost every time wheve a reail profesinol dooo!


Posted by: nunyodambiznez!!!!!!!!! 2007-06-20

That is so friggin fake itt is not even funny! or creepy! If anything it is actually really cute! Loser! get a friggin life ya bum. I am offended by your pic, my dog just died and it was that same breed. R u trying to insult me! I cried when fo 7 hours cuz of u! I h8 u. It brot bac so many memeories!


Posted by: April 2007-06-22

where did you take this photo?and when?


Posted by: pikachu 2007-06-26



Posted by: Rin 2007-06-28

It looks a lot like my late dog Heidi. She was a maltese.


Posted by: Karina 2007-06-30

i feel so sad


Posted by: hannah 2007-08-13

please visit my site u can talk to me and send me photos of your hanted house. and just to let you know im 10 yrs old and i am so freaked out by the noises i hear and the things i see in my room. i think its my grandma have 2 go remember 2 visit my site link send me videos and photos and talk to me if your videos or photos are scary ill post them up on my site with your name and state under them visit me!!!!!


Posted by: Tori 2007-08-16

SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: lisa williams 2007-10-30

WOW if that was my dog id' still be realyl scared!!!!
because the picture makes it look that way and it was taken at night i wouldent have the GUTS to even look out the window dame bithe u is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: andy 2007-11-01

well then, i have a ghost dog too.


Posted by: Shandy 2007-11-11

Hello, This is amazing because i was at a drama camp and took a picture in the dark at night and had seenthe exact same thing!


Posted by: nelly 2008-02-29

I think that this is so not scery it is gost werd u r so mien U SAKE


Posted by: Carolyn 2009-01-01

I took a picture of my daughter in the back yard, got the pictures back and there was a white ghost doggie looking like it was going to run right behind her, I could see it's little toes, but the ears kind of looked like horns. I still have that pic. somewhere.


Posted by: sintija 2009-06-17



Posted by: James 2010-07-23

If that was my dog id' still be realy scared


Posted by: bianca 2011-01-08

it look's like a poodle


Posted by: Jade 2011-03-23

I Belive!


Posted by: j man 232 2011-06-25

do not be scerd he might be thear to say hi and see what you are up to so just try to relax ok and talk to him if you want to


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