Rain of fire - Eldregn

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Outside my window last night; a rain of fire.

Utanför mitt fönster i natt; ett eldregn.

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Posted by: Agatonsax 2007-01-01

Kan det inte se ut så varje natt istället?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-01

Då skulle man nog sakna de riktiga stjärnorna efter ett tag.


Posted by: babyboglet 2007-01-02

great picture!


Posted by: Tisha 2007-01-03

Hello Max! Glad you came by! Is this all your work? Your one talented artists! Cheers Tisha


Posted by: Metaxa 2007-01-05

I thought I'd see lots of firework shots in this challenge, given the time of year, but yours is the first. Well captured as well; I'm always bitterly disappointed with my firework attempts.


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-05

Fireworks are a bit tricky, the trick is to not treat them as night motifs (they are extremely bright) and instead use a rather short exposure time.


Posted by: lanz 2007-01-07

very nice..... its very fabulous...


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