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Birch tree - BjörkKnobbly tree - knubbigt träd

Currently I'm running into trees.

Just nu springer jag in i träd.

Sun and Mercury And not to be forgotten, Ravana's bloggyblogblog (or this mirror) should be mentioned. He delves deep into existential issues, seeking life's puzzle pieces in Hinduism, poetry and such.

I did too, for a while.

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Posted by: mayavin 2007-01-04

what are the nature of these trees?


Posted by: mayavin 2007-01-04

and i must admit weaving your work into thread


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-04

Yes, I suspected that you and the Fire Elf were the same person, but I was too lazy to confirm it (I just couldn't miss that massive hotlinking a few years ago). The trees are, top; an oak, bottom left a birch (the hairy moss on its branches is a sign of very clean air, such moss is very sensitive to pollution) and the last one is an oak too. Both oaks grow in a castle garden in Tyresö, Stockholm, I found the birch in Snöberg.


Posted by: Fire Elf 2007-01-04

insolent adept understudyship earned me a stint of madness... nearly worked it through apologies for any transgression


Posted by: the fire elf 2007-01-04

in-1 solçns, present participle of solçre, to be accustomed... have you come across any notably virulent outcroppings of collective consciousness? or is it merely unconsciousness?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-04

Nah, no problem. where would humanity have been without a stint of "madness" now and then; still a speechless hunted animal I presume. Cheers!


Posted by: he who was... 2007-01-04

things do change...


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-04

The whole of the present isn't covered by my day-to-day-consciousness, but that is no proof that there isn't *some* kind of consciousness behind it. A rise in the number of weird coincidences and eerie similar reasoning among peers lately - yes. If those occurrences point toward something higher isn't likely, but it would sure be nice if it was so.


Posted by: move less theoretical 2007-01-04

hive mind's been dormant


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-04

You sense its awakening?


Posted by: not alone 2007-01-04

and in many different ways


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-04

I suggest you post examples.


Posted by: duly noted 2007-01-05

i'd rather let it be a surprise


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-05

Aw! Surprises lately's been too much of the kind "getting slapped from dimensional directions outside of the mathematical scale".


Posted by: ... 2007-01-05

yeah, and my mom made me sit on my thumbs when i was bad... transform or suffer


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-05

Transformation is an ongoing process as always - every voyage pointless without it. The Forces know that punishment or attempts of shaping on this behalf brings random - often opposite than meant - results.


Posted by: having been inspired into the commonality of a cause 2007-01-05

i have shown to myself that i ride in the presence of subtle bodycurrents illadvised to thrash against... vedas taught of good and evil working together to achieve so i churn


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-05

It's the shared duty of (highly) conscious beings to firstly attempt to find out one's nature, then if that's the nature; transform it as one see fit.


Posted by: from my perception 2007-01-05

they call me shapeshifter


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