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After the exposure we thought we better put Vera, the cat agent from the future to some good use. No more pretending "I'm just a perfectly normal stupid cat so just feed me, stroke me and be happy with that"-nonsense. So here she's proofreading some of M's manuscripts. We haven't figured out if it's M or me (or both of us) she's here to study. She thinks that keeping at least that a secret gives here some leverage.

Efter avslöjandet ansåg vi att det bästa var att sätta Vera, kattagenten från framtiden i meningsfullt arbete. Inget mer göra sig till; "jag är bara en helt vanlig dum katt så bara mata mig, kela med mig och var glad för det"-trams. Så, här sitter hon och korrekturläser några av Ms manus. Vi har ännu inte listat ut om det är M eller mig (eller oss båda) hon skickades hit för att studera. Hon anser att den hemligheten ger henne åtminstone lite inflytande.

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Posted by: Sam 2007-01-08

That actually looks pretty comvincing. I start to wonder, what if this futre cat business is all true?


Posted by: R 2007-01-08

Believe it.


Posted by: ... 2007-01-09

feels like i'm writing in your "book of shadows"...


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-01-09

In a way you do, the real power of course lies in my art, but this - the blog - is also an necessary expression with its own spells and invocations. You get what you do, or; you make what you get. But most often you get something someone else did or the result thereof (there's no such thing as "karma", that's an mathematical impossibility in the same manner as an accelerating perpetuum mobile) - and a lot of the aim is to instead tip the scales toward getting what *you* want.


Posted by: Annuszka 2007-01-11 seems to be extraordinary, so does ur blog, best wishes with ur work.


Posted by: And hey! 2007-01-16

And hey!! Your art is extraordinary; out of this world. But i've seen similar stuff on mine. And the blog's great! Still impressed with your biligualism, and artistic sense. Nice humour and stuff. I like this whole thing you people call a website. It's my first visit to planet earth. I hope that in time to come, i could invite some of you humans to my pod to play. Or maybe for a little cup of tea. Yamshecul! Eekp pu eth oodg kwor ^^


Posted by: Hipster 2007-01-17

I love the obvious devotion you put into the pieces. I admire your talents.


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