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Workspace (-22C outside the window)
Arbetsplats (-22C utanför)

Whether this is an office, a sculptor's workshop, a painter's studio, a gym or just a place where to sit and stare out over the city depends on which direction the chair is spun towards. When I'm absent this is the cat's chair though, regardless which direction it's turned.

Huruvida detta är ett kontor, en skulpturverkstad, en målarateljé, ett gym eller en plats att bara sitta och glo ut över stan (med Ortviksfabriken och Alnön längst bort) från, beror på stolens vridning. I min frånvaro är dock detta Kattens stol, oberoende av dess vridning.

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Posted by: Tsk tsk 2007-02-23

Well aint that An Acer Ferrari Laptop, well where did that came from. Neat "I am on the A-list" drop.


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-02-23



Posted by: LadySkyeFyre 2007-02-24

Wonderful! My cats also love to sit on open books, especially when we're trying to read them. My study looks about like yours does, except for the light. I love that!


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