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British Museum of Natural History dinosaur models, click on them!
Brittiska naturhistoriska museets dinosauriemodeller, klicka på dem!

Last time we visited England I did not only manage to take an aerial photograph of the Hemel Hempstead fire but I also succeeded in getting the last... dinosaur... for my now complete Invicta Plastics dinosaur collection, namely the blue whale. That was a major event, it's almost 30 years since I got the first dinosaur for the collection; the brown stegosaurus, bought at the Museum of Natural History in Stockholm which sold them at that time. It's though The British Museum of Natural History together with Invicta Plastics Ltd who've produced these dinosaurs since 1973. So, now I got them all, a few painted variants are still missing, but they sort of do not really count.

The dinosaurs are rather well done in (mostly) scale 1:45. The models are used scientifically to, amongst other things, measure volume and weight of dinosaurs. Some enthusiasts also use to heat and reshape these dinosaurs to fit into their own landscapes and scenarios, or their own theories; "one can clearly see in fossilized footprints that the megalosaurus' feet didn't point outwards in that manner..."

I had this huge dinosaur interest as a kid. This was a few years before dinosaurs became widely popular and every kid could identify at least ten different dinosaurs without stuttering. So, in that cursed backwater I grew up, and in which I probably was the only one to know what a dinosaur actually was, this was yet another thing I had to fight for until (often) blood was shed. A few years later I had sort of a coolness revenge when I as a freshly baked artist sold a bunch of dinosaur paintings to a newly opened pub which due to that took the name "The Dino Bar". That place shut down years ago but the paintings from there show up on auctions here and there from time to time.

Förra gången vi besökte England lyckades jag inte bara ta ett flygfoto av Hemel Hempstead-branden utan jag lyckades även komma över den sista... dinosaurien... till min numera kompletta Invicta Plastics-dinosaursamling, nämligen blåvalen. Det var stort, det var nästan 30 år sedan jag fick den första dinosaurien i samlingen; den bruna stegosaurusen, inköpt på Naturhistoriska i Stockholm som på den tiden saluförde dem. Det är annars Brittiska naturhistoriska museet tillsammans med Invicta Plastics Ltd som gett ut dessa dinosaurier sedan 1973. Nu har jag då som sagt samtliga modeller, det som fattas är några målade varianter, men de räknas liksom inte.

Dinosaurierna är hyfsat välgjorda i ungefärlig 1:45 skala. Modellerna används vetenskapligt, bl.a. när man ska bedöma dinosauriers vikt och volym. Entusiaster brukar också värma och omforma dessa dinosaurier till att passa i egna landskap och scenerier, eller egna teorier; "man kan se på förstenade fotspår att megalosaurus tår inte pekade utåt på det där viset...".

Jag hyste ett stort dinosaurintresse som barn. Det var några år innan dinosaurer blev jättepopulära och varenda unge kunde identifiera åtminstone tio olika dinosaurier utan att staka sig. Så, i det förbannade bakvattnet jag växte upp och antagligen var den enda som visste vad en dinosaurie egentligen var för något innebar detta givetvis ytterligare något jag fick slåss för tills (ofta) blodvite uppstod. Några år senare fick jag väl någon slags coolhetsrevansch när jag som färsk konstnär sålde en drös dinosaurtavlor till en nyöppnad krog i Sundsvall som p.g.a. detta fick namnet Dinobaren. Dinobaren är numera nedlagd men tavlorna därifrån dyker då och då upp på auktioner här och där.

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Posted by: Chandira 2007-03-15

Thanks for the comment Max. I hate to disillusion you further about Americans, but I'm not one. :-) I'm a Brit, living in the US. Come back and visit me though, as there ARE some cool and legitimate Americans that hang out on my site occasionally, they're not all evil and out to rule the world. ;-)


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-03-16

I pretty much suspected that, regarding both accounts. Yep, I will visit you occasionally - you run a nice blog there.


Posted by: Chandira 2007-03-16

Thank you Max! Yours is great too, I love bizarre things like unexplained fish in people's pockets. :-)


Posted by: stefan schröder 2007-07-07

there was also a painted ichtyosaur I did unfourtunately not see on your picture. many greetings from germany, stefan schröder


Posted by: Joseph W. Holness 2007-10-26

Hello; how are you?
Just wanted to say a few things. For starters, I really admire your collection of Invictas Dinos. I collect these as I do other dinos (a childhood interest which led to a serious study of Herpetology and Paleontology later on). If you ever have any spare Dimetrodons, Gliptodons, or Cetiosaurus that you would like to part with or can get ahold of; I'd be real
interested. Now don't hold this against me, but yes; I'm an American (French-Cajun-Cherokee to be exact). I just recently retired out of the military and have started getting back into my hobbies which are model building, reptiles & amphibians(both current and extinct), and fish. It is great to come across others who share simular interests. Well, I won't bore you anymore. Just wanted to say what I said.

Take care Joseph


Posted by: yo-ho! 2007-12-16

You forgot this one (my favourite):


and these two: link

and these:



Posted by: nathan 2008-01-13

hey a friend has come across a set with two of the models missing and we were wondering how much they are worth


Posted by: Max Magnus 2008-01-13

Worth? Besides the stenonychosaurus and perhaps some of the painted ones they aren't worth much more than what they cost new - yet. But keep them in good condition and they probably will be a desired collector's item one day.


Posted by: howard doll 2008-07-22

I am interested in buying some of the unpainted dinosaurs but can't find anyone who still has them. Any suggestions? These are the ones I'm looking for:

A Pliosaur



Posted by: Max Magnus 2008-07-22

The Natural History Museum in London ( ) had most of them when I last visited a little more than a year ago, check with them.


Posted by: Ajit Dube 2008-12-04

I need to bay these models kindly advice how can I bay this


Posted by: adrian 2009-02-12

i have a brontosaurus apatosaurus, for sale


Posted by: eric warren 2009-03-16

nice collection mate. i also have almost the entire collection w/o painted versions. not available in gift shops in new york as far as i remember. for those looking to buy them, sells them individually and in sets for the same price as museum shops. most of them are in stock all the time.


Posted by: Ramon 2009-05-29

Hi there Max! From Málaga (second land for British citizens, dont take me seriously glad to have you here of course, soon I will go to live to a most rainy place I hate sun well I hate 300 days of sun :)-) this is my question Im start to collecting this dinosaurs I have some of them but I just recieve from England a Plesiosaur, and what a surprise doesnt have face I cant see the eyes or any other detail. Is it normal? Well compare to my other dinosaurs full of great details seem to me that this plesiosaur isnt a good job from invicta. Can you confirm me that it is normal this plesiosaur without details? Best wishes Ramon


Posted by: Ramon 2009-05-29

Hello Max Its me Ramon again. Can you make me a picture from yours. I would like to see the face of your Plesiosaur if it is possible of course. Best regards. Ramon


Posted by: carlo emmanuel dy 2010-07-08

i want to buy that toy


Posted by: SHAWN 2010-08-07

HOLY COW!! I had that entire set for my 8th birthday!! Of course I lost most of them, and the neighbors dogs ate the rest. I haven't seen those in YEARS!!! That is too cool. Thanks for sharing!


Posted by: terry ingle 2012-01-07

i have one of your 1974 diplodocus Length about 25m from British Natural History Museum. I like to known it is have any value.


Posted by: Max Magnus 2012-01-07

It certainly has, but how high I don't know - check auctions and stuff to find out.


Posted by: TRISH 2012-06-29



Posted by: binh tran 2012-08-06

i was wondering if you know where to get that whole collection of dinosaurs and whales. the anatomy and detail is very nice.

please let me know where i can get them
thanks for this childhood activation.


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