Small fish in my pocket - Små fiskar i min ficka

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Small fish in my pocket.
Små fiskar i min ficka.

I put my hand down the right pocket of my jacket and sense something unfamiliar.

It turns out to be a small plastic bag containing tiny dried fish.
My feelings aren't devoid of puzzlement.

-"What ya got there, is it shrooms?", asks Bror.

Jag stoppar handen i min högra kavajficka och känner något obekant.

Det visar sig vara en liten plastpåse med små torkade fiskar.
Det är inte utan att man blir lite fundersam.

-"Vad har du där, är det svamp?", frågar Bror.

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Posted by: Chandira 2007-03-16

LOL... ?? Did it rain fish nearby or something? Perhaps you went out without an umbrella one day. ;-)


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-03-18

...and then the fish who rained into the pocket found a plastic bag and one clever fish said "Hey fellows, I think we all will stand a better chance of survival if we wriggle into this thing". Sounds plausible :)


Posted by: Agent 7 2007-03-19

Do as your precursor, rehydrate them and feed the hungry.


Posted by: Rocket Spanish 2007-03-20

Why do you have that there? LOL


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-03-21

That mystery remains.


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