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Ahh... finally I got my hands on a bottle of the Nuragus grapes, a variety literary older than Hell itself. Those grapes which were brought to Italy by the Phoenicians during the dawn of civilization.

A hint of the grapes' green colour lingers in the finished wine. Some... experts... might consider wines such as this as simple ones, but all they thus convey is the inability of their tongues to reach its deeper, spiritual layers.

Next phase is divine creativity, tonight I'm Dionysus.

What?! "What dishes this wine goes with?" You actually mean to ruin a good wine with food?! You blasphemous heretic! A few slices of prosciutto might be forgiven - but no more!

Så lyckades jag äntligen lägga vantarna på en flaska nuragus-druvor, en variant bokstavligen äldre än fan själv. Dessa druvor som kom till Italien med fenicierna i civilisationens gryning.

En antydan om druvornas gröna färg dröjer kvar i det färdiga vinet. Vissa... experter... måhända anser viner som dessa varande enkla sådana, men allt de då förmedlar är deras tungors otillräcklighet till att nå dess djupare, spirituella lager.

Nästa steg är gudomlig kreativitet, i natt är jag Dionysus.

Vaddå?! "Vilka rätter vinet passar till?" Du tänker alltså sabotera ett fint vin med mat?! Din hädiska barbar! Möjligtvis kan några skivor prosciutto förlåtas - men inget mer!

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Posted by: Wine Blog 2007-03-22

Cool picture of a HUGE wine Bottle


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-03-22

Hehe, it's the perspective, it's a standard 750 ml bottle.


Posted by: Veker 2007-03-26

hej, That looks like a great bit for a date. Is PU big in Sweden? Like Ross Jeffries and stuff, i am visiting and i have been useing SS ( with great success for a while, wondering how it will fly with the blonds. Great blog :D Tack - Veker


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-03-26

PU? SS? You've got me there. Sure, this white wine, will work well with many blondes I suppose, but Champagne might be more effective. If they play hard to get you might need some heavier ammo, such as Muscat de Alexandrie or a similar variety. If that don't make 'em warm then nothing will.


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