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The sculpture The Dick Fairy.
Skulpturen Kuk-fen.

The Dick Fairy visits sleeping men and women who haven't had enough sex and makes them come in their sleep.

More pictures and info here.

Kuk-fen kommer till sovande män och kvinnor som haft för lite sex och får dem att komma i sömnen.

Mer bilder och info här.

That's it for this time! The Dick Fairy concludes the new sculptures, you can have a look at all sculptures, new and old, here.

Dåså! Kuk-fen var den sista av de nya skulpturerna, ni kan kolla in alla skulpturer, nya som gamla, här.

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Posted by: Anders Wollin 2007-04-10

Du har överträffat dig själv igen som vanligt. Den här skulpturserien banar väg för en mycket spännande framtid, både som konstnär och vad gäller kommande kollektioner. Frågan är vem som mäter sig med dessa skapelser? Alltså: Helt klart MVG, önskar nu bara att denna fårskallevärlden börjar få upp ögonen lite mer för ditt utmärkta skapande.


Posted by: Jarmusch 2007-04-11

Man how i envy you, it's like you have this ability to invent new archetypes which feel like theywe always been there already. The wheeled sphinx and all, and now this! Awesome!


Posted by: Chandira 2007-04-11

Max, that's awesome.. ~But I have to say, not very 'work-friendly'.. lol This pic popped up on my screen at work. I know, I know, I shouldn't be surfing the net at work.. ;-)


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-04-12

Hehe, sorry if I got you into trouble, just tell them it's art and it ought to be OK.


Posted by: Ni9e 2007-04-14

Dude you need to stop making art and go out and meet some real ppl, dick fairy wtf?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-04-15

Ni9e: So you and your "real people pals" do not deal with dick faeries and such? Come on, that don't seem like a merry crew to me.


Posted by: svenskerotik 2007-12-13



Posted by: Marie 2009-06-16

Watching this got me hot and bothered. Can I buy it??? Maybe theres a space for it on my headboard. LOL!


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-06-16

Sorry, but the Dick Fairy sculpture is sold. But, you can find a lot more of my sculptures in the sculpture section: link


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