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Dec. 4, 2004 The clock is 2 in the morning and I'm mass producing small sculptures. Anders has sent me maybe 20 SMSes expressing his tiredness regarding profanum vulgus and their lack of intelligence.
Saw the movie "I robot" yesterday and got reminded that it might be a good idea that I wrote down my old ideas regarding making pseudo-life; "the rolling ball principle". I've tested the idea and know my theories work but I lack time and resources to come up with any results in the near future. Could be fun to use it making new small familiars though.
I also finished reading "The Da Vinci code" the other day. I didn't particularly like the book; it was too over-explaining for me. I don't know what all the fuss is about, does those religious issues really concern anyone today? Sure, it's interesting in a way but in the same sense as something like a scientific report on some new found animal in a deep sea grave - infotainment and not much else.
If you're really after the Grail then buy Abashera revamped and start playing.

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