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Cat on laptop animation - Katt på laptop-animering

Someone once said something like "The shorter the cat the colder it is".

Någon sade en gång något i stil med "ju kortare katt desto kallare är det".

Sleeping cat animation - Sovande katt-animering
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Posted by: Keith 2007-11-20

This looks just like our little vistor who comes along most days for a lap and a sleep. She isn't called Mitzi by any chance?


Posted by: Bob Walton 2007-11-20

Now I wonder how the cat on the computer would react if the "mouse" started clicking on the screen behind him? ;-D


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-11-20

Keith: No, it's "Vera", but the cat we had before - now long dead - which we inherited from my grandmother, was named "Mitzi" - not after Hitler's mistress though.


Posted by: etna 2008-07-26 söta <3


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