Puppy Got Milk: A most occult painting - Valpen fick mjölk: En mycket ockult tavla

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The painting Puppy Got Milk.

In my vision a hand reached out from the darkness and gave the puppy milk. It won't be much more occult than this.

I never use black when I paint.

I min vision sträcktes en hand fram ur mörkret och gav valpen mjölk. Mycket ockultare än så här blir det inte.

Jag använder aldrig svart när jag målar.

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Posted by: Achilles 2007-11-18

Have a look at this beautiful motherfucking dog. He was last seen being awesome in my huge ass back yard which is where he is right now being awesome as usual. He is about the most beautiful god damn dog in the whole world and chews on expensive food all the time. Responds to "Xerxes"


Posted by: Dmitry 2007-11-22

Just discovered your site today. Currently you stand along wih artists such as Dali and Giger on my top artist list. Your photo-realism of those hidden hypnagogic realms is exactly what I want to do (only with dreams, and in the comics medium). Thanks for the inspiration. This painting is insane in its' beuty. It's outworldly, really. I suspect that you are an extra terrestrial, thus you are able to draw using telekinetic powers. I shall send the MIB right away.


Posted by: Max Magnus 2007-11-22

Damn, you've exposed me! link
But wait a minute... This is the Internet, and here anyone can say, do and be just about anything without anyone really noticing.


Posted by: Katrineholm's Rude Abstract Paintings 2007-11-23

Dear Magnus,

When you have time and can take a moment to put down your magical brush, please come by and visit our oh-so-humble site, Katrineholm's Rude Abstract Paintings. Your spectacular site has been linked on our site.

With all good wishes from Katrineholm, Sweden,

Katrineholm's Rude Abstract Paintings


Posted by: chandru 2008-04-09

good morning


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