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I enjoy running after dark

15 December 2004 Due to the unusually warm weather almost all snow is gone. After all the colds I got during the photographer job I lost a lot of my fitness to run long distances and it hasn't been until now I've been able to run my usual distances. I enjoy running after dark and this is the only good thing with this season; the stars are up after 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The bad thing is that the sun is virtually never visible and that's not good for sleep and mood. Today was the first day since early autumn I managed to run up the ski slope at Sidsjön without too much effort. It was a cloudy night and only the brightest red stars shone through. I had planned to run the SOK-track back to Sidsjön but half melted snow and wet dirt made it too uncomfortable, so instead I went up the Smirnov slope (Smirnovbacken), which in this weather was a combination of a bobsleigh track and a mud slide. When necessary I wear spikes on my running shoes so the ice isn't much of a problem. After a few kilometeres in the 10 k track I chose to run homewards downhill the hotel road, met a lot of cars who didn't dip their lights despite that I wear a highly luminous shirt. Felt a stronge urge to rip their heads off, but I restrained myself.

I finished the first painting in months - work and worry has taken its toll on creativity - this night, that's also the title of the painting "The night". I was close to discard it several times but eventually I think I managed to put some life into it. Due to the fuck up with my last salary from the photographer job I have about 200 SEK ($20) left for the rest of the month. But that's the plan for us Swedes isn't it, to use our wallets as a leash.I applied for an advertising job earlier today. Of course only a temporary post.

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