The Myling: The Red Child - Mylingen: Rödbarnet

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The third myling; The Red Child.
10C below zero, an isolated life and lack of light can make anyone experience strange things.

OK, I'm finished, rid the snow now.

Den tredje mylingen; Rödbarnet.
10 minusgrader, lappsjuka och brist på ljus kan få vem som helst att uppleva märkligheter.

OK, jag är klar, bort med snön nu.

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Posted by: brad hart 2008-03-22

is this what it looks like when hell freezes over?


Posted by: Max Magnus 2008-03-22

Yep, and be proud - we're the one's who lived to see it.


Posted by: peter 2008-04-19

kul att se den i stadshuset!


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