The Tiananmen Monument - Tiananmen-monumentet

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The Tiananmen Monument (< Click there to view the sculpture from other angles.)
Tiananmen-monumentet (< Klicka där för att se skulpturen från olika vinklar.)

This is a suggestion for a permanent monument for the Tiananmen Square in China in order to commemorate that which took place there twenty years ago this year.

Chinese officials are positive.

Detta är ett förslag till ett permanent monument att placeras på Himmelska fridens torg i Kina för att högtidlighålla tjugoårsdagen i år av det som skedde där.

Kinesiska myndigheter ställer sig positiva till förslaget.

Tank Man at Tiananmen Square. Picture was taken on the fifth of June 1989 by photographer Jeff Widener.
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Posted by: Lilian Nattel 2009-02-21

I have to say, my first reaction to your piece was: Wow.


Posted by: Max Magnus 2009-02-22

I was fifteen back in '89 when this happened, and when I first published this article yesterday I erroneously wrote "...took place there ten years ago".
It just doesn't feel *that* long ago, it's more like this just happened a few years ago.


Posted by: Bror 2009-02-22

oj ! va smart, mäktigt!
skulle vara intressant att obdusera din hjärna., lite grann.,


Posted by: Eight Women Dream 2009-03-16

Incredible ... just incredible.


Posted by: Kristian 2009-04-08

underbart litet konstverk, symboliserar allt som inte är men borde...

Jag hade lätt åkt till kina för detta.


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