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Posted by: marja-liisa 2010-05-18



Posted by: bitts 2010-05-20

well, I haven't considered yet whether I am worthy or what, but man, am I impressed!
I just chanced to wander in here..and I am glad to view your work..have had the dreamy ambition to be 'something' myself, without putting in the required effort and hard work..only the gifted ones can do well without that, perhaps!
You are good man! And I suspect you are a good man too!!
Keep working wonders..
Will attempt to come again..
Till then then


Posted by: Orion Prim 2010-05-26

I like this alot. Would there ever be an opportunity to buy this as a print?



Posted by: investment art 2010-06-08

love the mix of colour and the use of science images thanks for sharing


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