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It's cold at the Central Station in Stockholm at night

2005.01.10 - Traveling in Sweden Back in Sweden we had to wait for the train which was delayed for almost three hours. It's cold at the Central Station in Stockholm at night. I'm 31 years old and I've made quite a lot of travels with the Swedish railway (SJ) and I have never been on a Swedish train which arrived in time. This time they couldn't even blame the storm that swept over Sweden; it was some kind of signal error. The train compartment was cold as a refrigerator and when I mentioned this to the staff they treated me like an idiot because I hadn't noticed the thermostat at the wall. due to some idiotic reason the train didn't go straight to Sundsvall either, but we had to change in Ånge, a depressing de-population area 100 kilometres west of Sundsvall. We had to wait for nearly two hours for the train to Sundsvall. It's cold at the central station in Ånge in the early morning. All this cold will probably give me rheumatism, fingers with joints looking like grapes.
I will NEVER EVER travel with trains in Sweden any more. The cost for one train ticket was maybe twice what it would have costed us to take the car. If we had taken the car the 550 kilometres from Sundsvall to the Skavsta Airport we had saved over 1000 Svenska kronor ($150) and 15 hours of travel and waiting.

SJ - för dig som inte har så bråttom.

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