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2005-01-15 Julia at the Dragon parade called a few days ago and asked if I could do some miniature replicas of the Draconaut. Sure, I can do that (but don't they have kind of like Chinese slaves for such things?). Got to find suitable bubble-helmets for the little dragons though. Ulf at LA-Art wants and gets the exclusive rights to sell them.

M is on some couch course in Stockholm, sent there by her job, she called home and was quite upset. We've been away from eachother a bit too much these months. Even a cool hardass as myself needs something soft and warm to curl up with during these winter nights.
I just got back from Nyland were I used my parent's solarium to recharge and prepared and fetched a few new panels to paint on. I'm currently working on maybe ten paintings and just as many sculptures.
I really need some wine, Chunky Red Primitivo del Santo is pretty good.

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