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Man screws cat-woman while she bites his head off

Saturday, 26 February 2005 02:00:51 I've probably made the best sculptures ever this evening. Sex and violence: Sculpture one: Man are attacked from behind by big cat (illustrating the classic big cat separates vertebraes-grip), Sculpture two: Man screws cat-woman while she bites his head off.
Currently Laser Dance Hypermagic is coming out of the speakers; electro music which has been a truthful companion through the years. I probably got all their records.
These are indeed strange days: Between 70-80% of all artists who's ever walked this Earth are currently in business. If this development continues then very soon 100% of all artists who's ever existed will be alive and kicking. No, seriously, what this really means is that the greatest geniuses of all times are probably "doin' their thing" right now, but since the time of god-like human (and especially their wealthy worshippers, their patrons of the arts [mecenats]) belong to the past most of them will go on unnoticed (unpayed). There will be no more Michelangelos, Da Vincis, Einsteins, Picassos or Whatevers (I wonder which one was the last of them?), the ones who are able to step into that role are drowning in an escalating flood of grey noise. Speaking of Laser Dance; five hundred reincarnated Mozarts are currently creating masterpieces with CuBase and Sound Forge, giving away these masterpieces freely as MP3s on their homepages, getting maybe 5-10 visitors a day (one third search engine bots, one third e-mail extractors, and the last third friends and relatives). If you become rich and famous has nothing to do with if you are a commercial possibility or not; I know lots of artists who could bring in cash by the millions in the right circumstances (yes, myself included) but aren't given much notice anyway. No, it's a question of cred's and power; in order to get permission to fly with the eagles you have to have been created by one of the eagles; you got to be someone's feather in the hat.
Self-made aren't the men and woman of today.

Since this is the current...

...let's remember the summers of the past instead.

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