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2005-03-03 Comment Permanent URL
I noticed something really stupid when I was checking this site's error log; note the red mark:

It seems that some people have a browser censorship addon or something which is so ayatollaish that it even censor words inside URLs in pages (the only thing visible in this particular user's browser's user-agent tag was the little spyware program HotBar, but I do not know if that was responsible for this). As you can see above the horrible word "dick" was removed which then caused a 404-error (file not found) for this particular user.

Didn't some of our ancestors sacrifice their lives (don't some people still) for us, fighting for our freedom of speech? Dear censors, you are making those people's ultimate sacrifice worthless.

This is the dirty picture which was hidden from someone's sensitive eyes, one of my D-head tanks (I have changed the filename on this one so you will see it even if you don't want to):

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